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Year long and coming to an end.....

Hopefully the last chapter in the Brio Saga and a final follow up to this post:

I need to thank Brio's friend for being a go between (sorry couldn't recall your LJ name off the top of my head) and the head was confirmed mailed and I was given a tracking number as confirmation.  Yay's were had all around.

Though the yays went sour when I recieved my package today.  It would seem that Brio does need to learn about proper packaging and no wonder preivous attempts to ship failed.... Pics to follow.

First off the box came poorly tapped and as a result it had busted open during shipping, leaving me with this thing when I finally got the package.

The whole top had apparently parted ways with the rest of the box and when I finally opened it fully I wasn't greated with anything better.  The head had been crammed into this home depot box, with no protection whatsoever.  No bubble wrap or packing peanuts....not even a trash bag to keep any moisture from getting in.  (which it did if you notice the wet spots in the box)

After I removed the head from the box I found it had managed to survive pretty well intact considering its trip and I owe that most likely to the matierials of the head (placing it on my styrofoam head help to bring things back into shape a bit)

Though it would seem that some parts were replaced in a hurry.....I had won the auction to have the fur replaced (just the bad joanne white with nicer stuff)  and indeed it was replaced....rather poorly and what would seem like mear minutes before stuffing it in the box.  The white ear is the most obvious of this:  The thing is berely attached to the head....

Though nothing I can't fix with some time a patience.....though the fact that I should have to fix it is rather irksome to me to say the least.  Anyway the last thing left to do is to try again to contact Brio (I will most likely contact her friend, so if you are reading this friend I will be sending you a message in the future if not already.  Just to inquire about the very last lose ends of this rather long saga)  That is the wereabouts of the two badges for the head.  In the auction details ( ) the head comes with two badges, which were part of the cost of what I paid.  One is obviously done and on the head and the other was to be a custom work.  Now I can wait on the custom one for now, but I would like to get the wereabouts of the finished one since it was not within the package that I recieved.

Now with this I bid you all Adiu.
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