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Just wanted to give people a heads up. The USPS starting to do really underhanded things.

I don't understand any mail service not knocking on the door, but I can let that pass.

I cannot let pass the fact that despite signature conformation (I really wish I had screen caped the tracking page) a package was left outside on my porch in the rain. The signature conformation sticker no where to be found.

When I went to check the tracking it no longer said signature conformation. I believe the shipper when she says it WAS on there, because I saw it online before the change.

I was lucking she wrapped the petticoat (for my wedding dress) in plastic or it would have been ruined.

I've also had them shove a signature conformation inside the mailbox once, and it got bent up...but that's a different story.

It may just be the USPS in my area, but I thought I'd give out a warning.

Wrap EVERYTHING you send in plastic, and keep an eye on the tracking to make sure it stays signature conformation if that is how it is sent.

I've cross posted this to the Fursuit community, however I figured other artist would want to know this as well.

Sorry if this doesn't belong here.
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Jan. 30th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
Not art related, but I did mail some live fish through the USPS that turned into near-disaster.

I put each fish in a separate bag, double bagged. (There were only 4 fish.) I placed them in a styrofoam-lined box with extra padding between the bags so they couldn't move. I labeled it in large letters on each side "LIVE FISH, FRAGILE".

I mailed it out "overnight" and it made it one city down before being returned to sender. (without a phone call or anything, I made sure my number was on it.) It was just sitting at the post office and the package tracking didn't say anything.

I go to the post office to pick it up and the box had been partially crushed in on one of the top corners, was soaking wet, and in a large trash bag. I take the box home, thinking all my fish were dead, and it turns out not a single bag leaked -at all-. All of the fish were fine in exactly the amount of air and water I left in each bag. The box being soaking wet was very mysterious... even if the bags leaked the box shouldn't ever be wet unless it was turned upside-down because the styrofoam was waterproof on the bottom and sides.

Since I took the box home instead of inspecting the package at the post office I couldn't get a refund. :/

So yea. USPS.


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