malmal ♥ (mollivomit) wrote in artists_beware,
malmal ♥

Hi all. I'm Molli Vomit, aka Jade, aka Mallory T. I disappeared from the fandom for a while but now I'm back and selling art for the first time.

One customer, a Clifford Nelson (bonhomme on FurBuy) bought a picture from me off FurBuy once. He paid promptly and I had the picture in the mail within two days. He bids on a second auction, which I state in the description I will color either digitally or with Prismacolor Pencil if the price exceeds a certain amount. I recieve an email from him stating he wants it colored in markers. I reply that I do not own markers, but can gladly color it with either color pencil or I can simulate the look of markers by coloring it in SAI. This was two weeks ago, and I have yet to recieve any payment or further word from him.

My question is, does anybody know if two weeks is good enough time without contact before I re-list the auction? I've tried contacting him two or three times since then, as I have art piling up that needs to be colored/finished for customers who have already paid and I want to get this started ASAP, but no response at all.

Any advice?
Tags: advice for artists, comm-cliffordnelson/bonhomme

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