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LeeLee of FA

About 2 years ago, I commissioned a woodburned badge from LeeLee of FA [http://www.furaffinity.net/user/leelee/] when I saw this post: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1159042/ . Unfortunately, I can not be more precise on date as FA does not give exact dates. I sent payment for a Toony badge on May 17th, the payment was 7$. At first, communication was good. I was a bit slow on sending a reference and payment due to IRL issues, but it was going fine.

I first asked for progress on Aug. 25th 2008. There was no answer. So I waited a bit, and noted again on Oct. 7th 2008 and got a response. She had lost my Ref. Which wasn't really a big deal, so I sent it over again. Around Oct. 28th 2008, she posted a link to a website where there was a que, I wasn't on there so I sent a note. This was fixed and she said she was adding a bonus for making me wait. So I waited, and on Feb. 13th I noted her to inform her I moved. Due to IRL issues I had to move back to the previous house, and I informed her of this on Feb. 26th 2009, I made sure she had not sent out the badge yet of course. In March 2009, where I live was annexed into Fort Worth, so we were no longer unincorporated Tarrant. This mean my address had to change a bit, just the house numbers, and the old ones would still carry on for a few months. So on March 15th 2009, I informed LeeLee of this, there was no response.

I waited once again, and twiddled my thumbs. I didn't want to bother her to much, and I had a baby in May of 2009, so I hadn't thought to much of it until my husband brought it up. On 9/11/09 I sent her an Email, as she had specified not to send her notes due to them getting confused. I asked if there had been any progress. I had seen her take and finish many other commissions, but I never really saw any update on mine. I told her if I hadn't heard back from her by Oct. 10th, I would be posting to Artists_Beware. Below are the Emails exchanged, Email addresses blocked out of course.









After that I waited a bit. I went to the post office and checked for any packages for both Pre-annexed and After-annexed addresses, as well as went with one of the people we were living with previously to see if any packages had been sent to their Address, but not delivered. The post office had nothing for me at all. So on Dec. 16th I sent a progress check, simply replying to the previous Email she had sent me.:



There has still been no answer. I have checked both my Email and Junk folders every day, and I've checked at the post office when ever we are having other things delivered. All in all, I'm just giving up on ever seeing the badge.

So if you commission Leelee, there is a chance you may not get your commission. I don't know if she's sent other badges out or not, this was just my experience.


I can post screenshots of the notes if needed as well.

LeeLee has offered to do something else, but I declined for the simple fact that I'd rather move on. I do hope there is a day when this post is invalid, and I wish her best of luck on future projects :)
I am finished with this and hold no ill-will on her.

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