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Update on the icon from Wolfacabra

OK, thought I'd update on the situation with Wolfacabra and the animated icon I purchased.

I happened to be on my gmail, and saw a name listed I didn't recognize right away. When mousing over it, it showed wolfacabra's email, and I was happy. I figured it would be my chance to touch base with her and ask about the icon. So I did, and got no response. I said that I totally understood if life had gotten crazy (I was told previously she had dropped off the internet because of local drams and 'issues') and it wasn't done, but that at this point I would simply like my 8$ back. (she quoted 7$ for the icons in her offer, and I tipped the extra dollar to cover paypal fees and because I thought her stuff was really cute.) After a number of gchat IM's to her, she signed off. I should clarify, ALL the IM's were mine, she never once responded to me, not even with a "Oh, sorry, it's not done yet." Didn't even acknowledge me. 

So at this point, I'm calling it what it is. She stole money, like a distressing number of artists have been doing to people as of late, and has no intention of giving it back, nor delivering the art I paid for. I'm sorry, I know life gets crazy, and it's 'only' 8bucks, but that's not the point. The point is when you take someones money, whether it's 8$ or 800$, to do art, you need to get your crap together and do the art. Not avoid them or make excuses and hope they just eventually go away. My stupidity was not filing with paypal before the 30 day mark, but I assumed she was doing the art. 

She used to have a website, wolfacabra.com, which has been dead for a while. She doesn't respond to LJ comments, IM's...the only response I've ever gotten aside from seeing her at Furfright this past year was when she responded in email to my first AB post. it was basically "So sorry, working on it now, could you re-send the ref pic I lost it." This is after telling me it was almost done, so what she needed a ref pic at that stage for is beyond me.

Bottom line, I got screwed, and would not recommend paying this person a dime for art. She totally flaked on me, and seems likely to do it to others as well. :/

*Previous AB post has all the details, dates, etc. 
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