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bambiboo3- resolved

***RESOLVED- although i am still angry/disappointed that i was treated like this, bambiboo has apologized and her boyfriend refunded me... thank you all for the feedback!***

hello, this is my first time posting here and i hope i am able to figure everything out!

so back on december 10th 2009 i bought a lightly used fennec fox mask and tail from the user bambiboo3 on here, she is also on fa. the sales post is here-

EDIT--- the link is broken now... soo i guess it was deleted.. but these were the pictures of the mask in the condition it was advertised as... and i really dont think the parade was the only time it was worn-

^ these pictures were supposed to demonstrate the condition of the mask and the only time its been worn.

it was supposed to be a christmas gift from my mom. i saw her sell a few things on lj before and never saw any bad feedback, so i figured everything would work out. i was always friendly with her and i have been giving her the benefit of the doubt until now.. i just want to get this resolved and forget it... but!

by december 18th the mask had not arrived at my house, emailed her asking if i should be expecting it soon, her response was yea.

little communication goes on, and on december 29th-30th i still have no mask, so i ask her for a refund. she got back to me on the 30th telling me that there was a family emergency and a family member was in the hospital and that the box was returned to her house. she said that her house sitter had reshipped the box out and shed be giving me a tracking number. she even offered to make me a badge since she felt bad about the situation.

i became anxious and nervous about actually getting the mask and set up a non receipt claim through paypal, since it had been nearly a month since i paid for the item.

i never get a tracking number, and on january 6th paypal tells me the package has been shipped and provides me with a tracking number.

i got the package on january 13th, three days before the non receipt claim wouldve went through. the box was beat up and the bottom tape was coming off and half open. the box seams were taped shut using one piece of tape on each side. i opened the box and the head and tail were just sitting in the box, not in a bag and not surrounded with newspaper or any packing to prevent it from moving around. the head was definitely not lightly used- an ear is falling off of the head, most likely damaged because it wasnt packed properly, the neck fur flaps in the front and back are not sewn together properly and are coming apart, the left eye is peeling off of the head on the inside, there are hot glue clumps on the fur, and last but not least, the head is being held together with duct tape on the inside of the head.... duct tape. i feel like i was misinformed with being told this was lightly used and only worn on one outing... right now it is not in wearable condition and most people sell wearable masks or uncomplete masks... i was expecting it to be lightly used and wearable when i got this mask.

*EDIT- since this has been resolved i deleted all of our emails and paypal emails.*

pictures of the box and mask-


broken seams on the front neck flap and visible foam

open back neck flap seams

duct tape

broken ear again

after getting nowhere i tried being straightforward with her and it still didnt work. i am trying to be reasonable and not become too irritated but i dont know what else to do. the credit card company is looking into my claim. it would be reasonable for her to offer to pay for the shipping both ways if i sent the mask back to her to be repaired, or a partial refund of 60 dollars or so- but she keeps offering the same things i told her i have no interest in. to me this is just bad business... i just turned twenty and i would never treat a buyer like this!

i will update this if she responds to my last email

EDIT- here are the other sales posts where this mask was sold to another member, then re-offered for sale again:

the most recent sales post was the one that said it was barely used, and that one got deleted.. either way a mask worn once would not be in this condition, and it is not in the same shape it was advertised as... nothing has changed or happened yet.
Tags: artist-bambiboo3/audriangaeta/happytails, fursuit, resolved

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