Kerstin Orion (kerstin_orion) wrote in artists_beware,
Kerstin Orion

Mod post: New Community Info is now up!

The revised community info is now posted. Please take a minute to read through the rules and posting guidelines. All rules are effective as of this post.

On a similar note, I wish to remind everyone that while the subject matter of this community can lead to some heated discussions, we are not a community for drama mongering. There are plenty of those to choose from around LJ.

Debate is welcome. Asking for more details to determine the plausibility of a 'beware' is just fine. It's ok to ask for proof, just don't be rude about it. Sarcasm, while difficult to convey across the internet, is not against the rules.

The people who post their warnings on here do not have to do so. They are doing all of us a service by posting about those artists, commissioners, and companies who fail to meet the terms of their transactions or make things so difficult and aggravating that working with them isn't worth the art or money.

They could just as easily keep their warning to themselves or their close friends, and too much snark will cause people to do just that. Please keep this in mind as you are commenting.
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