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Pieces of what we used to call home..

Selling Characters on Furcadia?

My friend http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rigormortis/ / http://xnightxdragonx.deviantart.com/
has her character stolen, and sold on Furcadia as a port.

The image: http://dr-smiles.deviantart.com/art/Port-Syber-142931958
The artist is not to blame! A furcadia user, named, Syber told the port artist to draw this character, and paid for the said image.
My friend RigorMortis found this picture and told the port artist that it is her.
The FC user, Syber, also told the port artist that Fyrus/Yayzi/Ribcrack's character belongs to him as well. So the port artist was falsely informed, and was talked into doing port commissions of stolen characters.

Rigormortis, me, and her friends are trying to contact the Syber character, but its difficult since we dont have Furcadia accounts.

If anyone knows Syber, or has a Furcadia it would be much appreciated.
DO NOT CONFUSE SYBER WITH http://www.furaffinity.net/user/syber/
The blue and yellow coyote has nothing to do with this. And its making the search quite difficult.

So. In a nutshell.
Furcadia user Syber wants port commissions.
He/She is telling the port artists to draw copyrighted images.
The port artist(s) have no idea, they're just doing their job. ..for $4.00.
However, Syber doesnt appear to have a Deviantart, or Furaffinity account.

Contacting Syber via E-mail, Instant message, or Furcadia would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I will provide screenshots if needed.
Tags: art theft, comm-syber, lost contact

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