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Syrae Universe

This might be a minor issue, and this is also my first post to this comm, but I just want to warn people of what they may be dealing with should they choose to commission Syrae Universe of Furcadia, FurAffinity and DeviantArt.

My boyfriend commissioned a portrait set from her-- one for him, one for me. We were a little unsure of just how they'd come out, at first-- her art could be pretty hit-and-miss for either of us, plus she was a pretty pushy person to be around to begin with. However, the ports came out great! They were absolutely beautiful, and we were really eager to get them uploaded.

It was only after my boyfriend had uploaded his port, however, that he saw the recolored version of it and noticed that the color of the tail-tip was wrong, and that the nose was, for whatever reason, pink instead of black (our characters are foxes... fox noses aren't usually pink).

My boyfriend feels a bit intimidated when he has to mention to an artist-- especially one as well known and talented as Syrae-- that they made a mistake, especially when it's something as minor as a nose and tail-tip. So, worried that he'd just irritate Syrae, he asked me to fix it for him, which I did. He uploaded that, was really excited, and it was approved.

See, we had assumed that doing something as minor as a recoloring job in two small places on the port would be no problem-- It was, to our understanding from other artists we hang out with and from past commissions, that fixing small errors like that ourselves was acceptable. Not to mention that it didn't say anywhere in her Commission Information journals, either on FurAffinity or DeviantArt anything condemning fixing the matters yourself.

He logged in yesterday, with his new port uploaded, and Syrae noticed.

((These are the Furcadia chatlogs Luke sent me-- the others were discussing that Boom-de-yadda Discovery Channel commercial, which I edited out for the sake of making it easier to read.))

Syrae Universe: .... wait a minute.
Syrae Universe: Why is the nose black when I made it pink??
Syrae Universe: .... and the tail markings black too.
Syrae Universe: God damnit Kuro!
Syrae Universe: What the fuck did you do to the port!!
Kuroda|Nesiote: Huhnothing. A couple colors bothered me.
Syrae Universe: ..........................
Syrae Universe: You altered the port
Syrae Universe: that I personally made
Kuroda|Nesiote: O_o Just the colors?
Syrae Universe: ....
Syrae Universe: I'm going to fuckin kill you.
Kuroda|Nesiote: Would you rather me not use it now?
Syrae Universe: You shoulda FUCKIN ASKED ME
Syrae Universe: I coulda changed it!
Syrae Universe: instead you fuckin alter it without even telling me!
Syrae Universe: That's an insult to me!!
Kuroda|Nesiote: Well sorry! I didn't think it was that huge of a change.
Syrae Universe: Fuck this, I'm getting off for now.
Kuroda|Nesiote: Just recolored my tail and nose.

Luke was then jumped on by several of Syrae's supporters, who then claimed that what he and I did was no different than "scribbling a mustache on the Mona Lisa" or "paying someone to build them a new computer and then already switching parts out after less than a week", which is... A huge exaggeration, in my opinion.

Now, I'll admit that perhaps we should have gone to Syrae about the mistake in the first place, but the whole reason we didn't was because Luke was worried about bothering her-- as I said before, he's intimidated by talented artists, which is why he asked me to change the errors on both of our ports (the nose and tail-tip on his, and just the nose on mine). So really, that's an error on our part.

I'm just stunned by the level of unprofessionalism that came out the minute she noticed those two changes. "I'm going to fuckin kill you"? Seriously? She couldn't just address it in a more... At the very least, calm manner?

This is a warning to commissioners who may be considering Syrae for something like a port-- Not only do you have a 50/50 chance of your portrait art coming out squished, disproportionate or lopsided, as can be seen in a number of the examples shown here, but any attempts to fix any minor mistakes, or to change even something as trivial as the color of a nose, or a single marking, could get a response of "What the fuck did you do" and "I'm going to fuckin kill you".

It just sucks because we were really wanting to finally get to use the ports, and now Luke doesn't want to anymore because of the way he was treated by Syrae over it and now I can't because I feel guilty over the whole thing.

I'm also curious as to whether or not this is even such a big deal-- There were no major details changed around, just the nose (which in my opinion shouldn't have even been pink in the first place) and the tail-tip, the latter of which Luke hadn't noticed until he'd already uploaded the port. I want to get a general consensus on the matter for future reference when commissioning other artists.

::EDIT:: Just uploaded the comparison of the before/after modified ports, for anyone who was wondering about the changes made.

::EDIT 2:: I managed to get the copy/pastes of the conversation Syrae and I had over IMs after I heard about her reaction to Luke-- My initial message to her, and the response that came afterwards. My last response to her was lost, as Syrae deleted my account from her website so I couldn't log in and access the inbox. Admittedly, in my original message I was a bit upset and that showed through alot of the passive-aggressiveness in my note, but here we go:

First of all, I'd simply like to say that I'm the one who modified Luke and I's portrais, and that I apologize for it bothering you as much as it did. I underestimated your pride in your works and hadn't thought that my incredibly tiny color modifications would cause you to react the way you did when you saw Luke's port. Luke didn't want to trouble you with such minor details and asked me to do it. I could go into further details to justify why Luke didn't go straight to you once you noticed those two colors were off, but there's no point after seeing your reaction in the chatlogs.

What you fail to realize is that Luke paid you for those ports and once given to him he has the right do change whatever he wants about them (so long as the commissioner doesn't then claim the new modified works as his/her own, which would have justified your reaction). Not to mention that was -was- edited was minor-- The nose, and the tail-tip were all I touched. He didn't even notice the details were wrong until -after- he'd already wasted a portspace on Luke Nesiote and saw the recolor, and didn't have the SS necessary to remove it.

Your reaction to such a minor edit, which included "I'm going to fuckin kill you", was unwarranted, disgusting and unprofessional, and has guaranteed you will not be receiving any further business from either of us, or any of our colleagues who have received word of this incident. Your reaction was unwarranted as nowhere in any of your "Commission Rules" listings on FurAffinity or DeviantArt could I find anything pertaining to having every minor mistake tended to by the original artist and not by the commissioner to save time. If you're going to freak out this badly every time a customer makes -color- changes to something as simple as a port you should probably make a clear mention of that somewhere to warn potential buyers

Not to mention that respect is lost the minute "I'm going to fuckin kill you" comes into play. I mean, seriously? -Seriously?- Do you do that to all of your commissioners? 

I would like to have myself and Luke removed from the dream's DS as we no longer wish to be staff. I respect that you don't want drama of any kind stirred up in your dream, which is why I'm addressing the matter here, in private, on your website.

I apologize for the misunderstanding on both sides in this situation, but... "I'm going to fuckin kill you"? I haven't even gotten any flack for changing just the nose on my port but from seeing your initial freakout, I've got to say I'm not leaning -away- from using it for fear of geting ganged up on over the matter as Luke had.

I'm sorry your pride got in the way of your professionalism.


Syrae's response to me:

Okay, first of all, wouldn't you feel offended if someone you drew for them altered your art? It's better to ASK FIRST than to fuckin do anything. Asking will do wonders and prevent any sort of drama. Don't auto assume that I will be okay with it. Pride goes with my professionalism. I do take pride in my art. I really do. It was a slap to my face for what you did in general. You didn't that I wouldn't notice? THink again. Just because he paid for it doesn't mean anyone can alter it whenever. It was not going to be a bother to me whatso ever. I'm used to being asked to alter art all the time. It's a common rule that doesn't need to be placed in my rules because it is COMMON COURTESY. Period. So feel offend for all I give a shit. Both you and him are at fault for my accusations for altering something that I worked on without my permission. You're still not understanding the concept of "Altering another artist's piece of work" in general. Learn some common courtesy and respect for another artist and then we can talk. Also "I'm gonna fucking kill you" is what comes out of my mouth all the time. If you're going to let it get in the way of your IC job, them both of you can leave the job. I've yet to see either of you work, let alone attend any of the meetings. I do congratulate that both of you are married. Otherwise, farewell. Oh, next time FUCKING ASK BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.

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