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A year and counting...

I really did not want to do this, but my hand has been forced by time and annoyance factors.

About a year ago I ran across a very cool artist by the name of "cureineko" on FA: Link located here

More Below Cut

EDIT: This has been "Resolved"

I got to speaking to her via AIM and arround December 17th we worked out something abotu a comission. Unfortuantely I do not have the AIM logs (stupid me I know) but I do have the corespondance of us discussing stuff of the character and the image and will provide these below:



On December 28th, I have a paypay reciept for $15 paid to her as well as my username seen below:


What followed next is several months of cat and mouse. She drops offa AIM entirely and what follows is me attempting to disern if she's ok, even messaging a friend to ask if she's alright because she had been inactive. According to the friend she is fine as well. (This occured in March of 2008)

I proceed to keep contacting her every few weeks to try and disern if anythign has been done at all.




FIanlyl I ask straight up about the comission



She doesn't respond till I send the message below (It was a two part responce hence FA's messed up formatting)


And her Responce:


Now I'm an easy going guy. I had asked her to speak about the commission multiple times as evidenced by the photos...but never once did she ever say "I'm working on it" or offer up any sort of progress. Nor did she ever offer up any information other than what was given other than a "i'm fine" type deal.

Finally, I reach the end of my rope and tell her it's been too long and to finally get a hold of me one more time so we can possibly work out something to salvage this. A refund being my hoped goal when we woudl speak


Here's what she sent back in response.


OK... Yeah... I read the journals saying she had experienced computer problems and such... But here's the thing... she NEVER attempted to say "It's drawn, I just have to scan it" or "It's been finished just give me some time to get it to you" or "I can't scan it, would you be willing to pay for shipping and I can get it to you that way?" or "Can I take a picture of it with my camera to show you cause I can't scan it?"

Also I never said that I wanted to discard the comission. Just that I wanted to speak to her about it to see if it was in any shape salvagable.

I'm not saying it's entirely her fault, but jesus... I've paid for something and would like some updates other than "I'm working on it" or "I got my drivers license"

What REALLY cheesed me off is that she is trying to short me $5 for the comission (Her "refund" offer is for $10 when I have shown reciepts saying I paid her $15)

I honestly don't think I'm being a jerk in this responce:


This is just a fair warning to anyone who might think of comissioning her... Dont' expect to ever get anything... I sure as heck didn't.

UPDATE: 12/25/09

I heard back from her.

Here's what she sent me as to what was happening


OK... I can understand, and am willing to apologize for sending something like this, this close to christmas. There's no problem with that.

But It's still no excuse for dragging me on for a year

Here's the message I'm sending back to her


Yes I do realize that sending it at this time of year was somewhat in poor taste and I do apologize for it.

However, it's no excuse for stringing me on for nearly 12 month without any form of sketch or anything to say that the work was even being completed in the first place.

I would've been happy with a cell phone picture of the paper to show it was being done at all. Or I would've been happy to paypal you the funds to mail me the piece directly instead of settling for a digital copy (I would be willing to do this if you can provide some form of picture that the art is completed or near completion)

Looks like this might be a godo start to some form of resolution. I'll keep you posted.
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