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AngelofDarkness--Avoid taking requests or commissions from (EDIT 12/26 w/response).

X-Posted with some edits from FurryDrama_2 because it concerns a warning to artists.

If you get a request from AngelofDarkness block and ignore for your own sanity.  She will offer to pay and then turn around and give you excuses as to why she can't (and why you are ruining Christmas just for asking to be paid) and maybes turn into "you promised" because apparently requests r srs bsns. I'm apparently not even the third artist she has done this to (though the first to report ones done through PM), links are provided below. Posting because I wish I had known and was lucky to get warning just before things went sour.

Other cases like mine:
Link to a journal where she threatens to kill herself for not getting free art.
Link to a journal where she harasses said artist to force them to give her a free icon:
And to a previous one harassing the same artist:

New response.  Apparently it's OK because some hacker broke into her account and was PMing me for art of her character.  Right. 
Link to a journal comment thread where this SAME excuse was used before.


This is what I get for being nice to furries.   

NOTE: Pics in links may or may not be work safe,  None are nudes but some are down to bra and panties.

Generally, I don't believe in giving away art, and when I do it's typically  sketches.  When I'm in the mood I post journal and I usually let people give me characters and vague situations and I use them to warm up for paid stuff.  I don't like specifics or detailed characters, if I'm unhappy with something I just skip over it.  I always put a disclaimer that I do the fun ones and leave the eh ones, as I absolutely hate those overly complicated characters with zillions of piercings etc.  And good god...what some people expect out of a free request O_O  Mind boggling.

However, for Christmas I thought I'd be generous since I usually only get a few and open requests, upgrading some randomly to full  color  pieces .

Ah, but here apparently is my mistake.  You see, some furries think that free full pieces are a cue to try to screw someone.  Now, I've heard sob stories before (hell I was PMed several this round, one who thought I gipped him or something), and generally I ignore 'em, but this one takes the cake and just keeps getting better and better.

When I posted this pinup of a dog in black stockings forEdwardElric1308, not less than 5 minutes later I receive this PM from a stranger called AngelofDarkness.


"Well, my friend says to ask you but I feel it is pointless. Your going to be too busy.
But here I go I want an Ami picture who is my persona....she is not a furry sorry...she is a neko alien though.
I would like it pretty sexy, and christmas. I love christmas to me it is a magical holiday. I want it to be like my boyfriend will love and find it really sexy,

Ami ref sheet:

Account with more Ami refs:

I apologize for wasting your time if you can't do it. Ami is 21 so adult. It can be as sexual and kinky. I am sure my boyfriend will love it anyways."

I was a little taken aback by such an abrupt PM but assumed that maybe she was a little clueless and I try to be kind.  I do get a little miffed when people that don't even watch me or comment ask for requests, but she wouldn't be the first.  I figured maybe she missed my request post so linked her.

"If you can repost it in the comments here: that would be best, as I use it as a worklist, I often forget notes. I left it open but will probably be closed to requests for a bit.

I'll see what I can do. I'm in con-prep mode right now but I might slip it in between projects for fun, I do enjoy pin-upy type-things. No guarantee I will get to it, or that it will be more than a sketch if I do, it depends on my time or how I feel when I draw it."

think that's pretty clear it's a maybe right?  This was right before i got several commissions off my etsy and am now suddenly busy. 

"Hey even if it is a line art, I have been DYING to color line arts.

As for commenting right now I can't comment anything cause of my computer, it just won't load the comment box so I am stuck leaving comments through notes....I am really sorry I know I should so I can get a picture but my computer really hates me."

Cue in FD_2, she gets posted in the comments.  Me, I think "Damn, that name sounds familiar" and ask for links.  Oh boy, do they deliver.   Apparently she's been featured in FD_2 (must be a member to see but has open membership, jounals discussed are linked in the TLDR section at the beginning of the post) here and here.   Great. I realize that it's best to end it now as I don't even like doing humans and she clearly wanted more than just a sketch (my sketches are often messy, not even colorable)

I did think the not being able to comment was weird.  I've heard of not being able to PM but commenting is generally not affected, did 'neer cut her off or something?

I posted:

"I probably won't get to it, I'm rather busy, sorry."

To which I received within minutes:

"What if I paid you then?"

Now...I'm used to dealing with the kind of people that try to set your prices for you. It's a peeve of mine, so rather than let that happen I immediately give people like her my prices--they are non-negotiable and it typically weeds out those looking to pay me $2 for hours of work.  I also try to be professional if at all possible.  I replied:

"I can make time (and you get bumped to the top of the list) if it is paid art. My normal commission price for a pinup is $30 for full color, $15 for line-art. I take paypal up-front. If you want to original sent to you it's $2.50 extra in the US, more if overseas or Canada. My paypal is *removed*, I can try to have it done for christmas eve if paid asap.

It would be in semi-realistic style as in my other pieces as I am not good at anime.


Ah, now I've done it.  I knew she didn't want to pay a fair price:

"It would take time since paypal loves to take days to get money on there, I guess I am willing to pay even if I can't visit my mom now. I really wanted the picture for my boyfriend. Just something to cheer me up and him since were not getting anything for christmas. Some crook has been messing with my money even in the bank taking it. Not hard I mean someone copied my card number. Now I am seriously getting low on money.

I was soo excited when you said you would do it....I will do anything to get the picture atleast it will be something for me for christmas and my boyfriend too."

Uhhuh.  Yea.  Days.  And I never said I would do anything.

"If your account numbers were stolen, you should call the bank and get them changed, especially if the crook went into the bank, they should have him or her on video! I hope you called the cops too, that's a very big deal O_O. Hope you get the person that did that, it's a terrible thing to do to someone.

I didn't say I definitely would do it, I said I might, if I had time. And when I couldn't I let you know. I really don't have the time to be doing free work atm as I've gotten several custom orders on my Etsy. What you are asking for is at least an hour or two's worth of work. I still left Moongara waiting and she's a regular commenter and watcher of my work, it would be insulting to put you ahead of her when she's given me such helpful critique.

I do hope you manage to have a nice holiday season with your mum and boyfriend despite all that. Family is always more important than art ^_^


I have to admit.  I was patronizing a little, I hate it when people give sob stories to try to cheat people out of art.

"Yes, but you still implied you would do it. Is there something wrong with me? Do people hate me or something, saying they will do a picture for me then later say they are too busy. I was really looking forward to this picture but now you just ruined christmas for me. I feel hurt and I cried and I might cry again. I don't feel like visiting my mom now and hurt her feelings cause I rarely even see her anymore.....I hurt my boyfriend now...

Please do the picture please, I don't have much money right now.....please, wheres the christmas spirit huh You basically told me you would do it I even told my boyfriend you were going to do it.....everyone is going to be disappointed now.....I hate my life....terrible things always has to happen to me on christmas....I am crying again...."

Oh dear.  Apparently I'm a Grinch that makes grown women cry.  After all, 15 dollars is a bank breaker, what is that, like, maybe an OK meal out?  Maybe 5 gallons of gas? 

I figured a flat out no would be best:

"No, I will not do a picture for you. I am also not happy that you would make promises to others for me that I cannot keep.

Honestly, I would feel like I am enabling someone who clearly needs to straighten her priorities. If you would blow this up out of proportion like this then there are clearly other issues at play. If you feel that upset perhaps you should consider a therapist, as it really isn't that big a deal that it should ruin Christmas.

I do hope that you sort out whatever it is and have a pleasant noel surrounded by family."


She hasn't read that last  PM. I'm kinda curious as to what her response will be, I admit.

ETA her response:

"Um, what the hell are you talking about? Do I know you? I don't know what your talking about and I am sorry if someone got on to my account and started messaging what happened to my deviant art account. Probably someone who knows me and my character. I shall leave you alone now. It wasn't me cause I don't make promises to others for you. I was away for like over a week at my moms for christmas."

My final reponse before blocking her:

I do not believe you, and I do not like people that lie to me.  I am well aware you have done this to artists in the past. 

Others have been warned by me:

If you didn't try to lie to me, I would have been nicer.  You have been blocked and I will be sending this info to Dragoneer, as I'm sure he'd love to know about a hacker of an FA account.


A trouble ticket has been made and closed, the FA staff now have their eye on her, and I really did block her. 

I mean really.  REALLY?  It's not even like I pad my pockets with the money...If I wanted to give a sob story back, most of what I make from art goes straight into my colony of rescued rats, who IMHO are more deserving of my time.   

Obligatory cuteness:

Inari, the rat formerly known as Dinner.

(I'm sorry, I just love showing off my critters)

On a different note to people that like getting requests: at least watch the person, it's so rude to have someone come out of the blue demanding free art.  Also, the people that have the kinds of problems I pity don't throw them around to get free art.  They're respectable people who do their damndest to pick up whatever broken pieces are left and move on with their lives when trouble strikes. Gah. 
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    That's all folks! The community is officially closed for business on LiveJournal. We are not going to answer any posts in the queue as of…

  • 48 Hours Remain

    As a reminder on Jan 31st we will be closing the community and moving to our new site. Please do not repost old bewares. We are archiving…

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