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Yin of Hope and Yang of Disappointment

My story: this gal (modastrid) and I met through a community and hit it off, she was weird and cool and we both disliked the same people for the same reason (on a community) so we often PMed about that.

Then we had a disagreement, mostly when I saw her boasting about something she made in an ebay-seller warning post. And that really turns me off. A lot. It shaded my opinion of her in a totally different light. Ego and boasting in artists who sell their work just squicks me, big time.

But I decided to get past that, cause she still does some cool stuff. Then I saw her newest creations- animal pelts put into round necklace pendants (cabochons?) and I ordered one. It came with glue and dry skin sticking out of the top. I thought she had better crafstmanship than that. As a friend said to me: "visible glue is amatureish".

I ordered a 2nd one (mind you these were ordered and shipped at the same time, I had not seen the poor craftsmanship of the 1st yet) custom-made. I wanted a The Lion King inspired piece and I asked her to do a yin yang symbol of dark lion pelt and light warthog pelt. I was assured twice that they lay flush together:

Yeah they lay flat when they're glued down.

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