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Yin of Hope and Yang of Disappointment

My story: this gal (modastrid) and I met through a community and hit it off, she was weird and cool and we both disliked the same people for the same reason (on a community) so we often PMed about that.

Then we had a disagreement, mostly when I saw her boasting about something she made in an ebay-seller warning post. And that really turns me off. A lot. It shaded my opinion of her in a totally different light. Ego and boasting in artists who sell their work just squicks me, big time.

But I decided to get past that, cause she still does some cool stuff. Then I saw her newest creations- animal pelts put into round necklace pendants (cabochons?) and I ordered one. It came with glue and dry skin sticking out of the top. I thought she had better crafstmanship than that. As a friend said to me: "visible glue is amatureish".

I ordered a 2nd one (mind you these were ordered and shipped at the same time, I had not seen the poor craftsmanship of the 1st yet) custom-made. I wanted a The Lion King inspired piece and I asked her to do a yin yang symbol of dark lion pelt and light warthog pelt. I was assured twice that they lay flush together:

Yeah they lay flat when they're glued down.

I asked for clarification: actually i meant do they lay flat and against each other perfectly with no hole or lines of sunlight between them?

Flat and against each other. Nothing BETWEEN them. It's a yin yang symbol, you know what I meant just by reading that, yes? Side by side, not overlapping in other words. I was worried about a miscommunication but she replied with this which seemed she understood perfectly: Yes they lay perfectly flush with each other. I created a pattern before cutting them to insure they'd match up with no gaps.

A pattern so that no gaps would show describes exactly what i want- no overlapping. If there was overlapping then why would a pattern have been created?

So I paid and waited for her to finish and mail it. No further communication came, just the package.

What I opened was NOT what was described. The lion fur is very clearly glued on top of the warthog pelt. I left negative feedback for this one (positive for the other... though I regret that).

Today I got this email from her... I will let her emails speak for themselves, though I could nitpick and show you the faults, I am sure you can on your own:

I'm a little upset as you left me negative feedback onover nothing.
I'd like to "kiss and makeup" on etsy. I had 100% positive feedback until this.
Why didn't you contact me before doing that? I make all my living as an artist and I try to be very professional.
I hope you didn't leave bad feedback just to jab at me.
You asked me if they laid flat against each other with "no holes or lines of sunlight between them" they do!
They had to overlap a tad in order for them to be secured properly. What I sent you was a lovely piece.
It's a piece of art not some perfectly manufactured item. You should understand that as an artist.
I didn't even charge extra for it being a custom order.

I hope you'll do the kiss and makeup on etsy.

I looked at her proposal on etsy and it was blank, she just wanted me to accept it so her feedback would be positive. She OFFERED nothing though.

Here is my reply to her:
The negative feedback was over not receiving what I ordered. Mind you, I almost left negative feedback over the other necklace as well- I am not sure I can fix that skin and glue hanging out the top, and I shouldn't even have to.

My feedback was not a jab, it was honest. But I did wonder, after opening the package if your craftsmanship was a jab at me, already having my money and all you sent two necklaces that were in what looked to be disrepair (the leopard) and not what I ordered (the yin
yang). I've seen your work, I know you can do better.

They overlap. That was not what you said you would send. And the "security" excuse is a poor one as they're in a finely secure cabochon with a backing and sides. The glue would have been a fine security measure if used right and not flowing over any edges as it does with the leopard.

As an artist I understand FINE craftsmanship and pleasing my clients with my best possible work and telling them and showing them EXACTLY what it is they'll get. I would be embarrassed to wear these necklaces unless I can find a way to fix them.

I will not accept your kiss and make up proposal, as it is blank and you are offering me nothing except an argument that YOU think this work deserves it. I am the client and you did not please me, nor have you convinced me that you work deserves it, so unless I am offered a reasonable proposal you will not get that positive feedback.

And her reply:
How dare you! Both pieces are well made and attractive. They are nothing less than described.
You are anal and spiteful. I knew from the beginning it was a risk to sell to you but I didn't listen to my better judgement.

How is a slight overlap and embarrassment?! the ying yang came out lovely. It was necessary to overlap slight to get the shape perfect and to keep any glue from seeping between the hides. I NEVER claimed they weren't overlapped, I said they were flush against each other, meaning there is no gap between them.
the leopard piece was not messy or poorly made. If glue was showing then it was minimal and unavoidable.
I will keep the bad feedback. Anyone who reads it will know it was left by someone with ridiculous expectations.

You are incredibly insulting and rude. I sold to you even after you attacked me as an artist but I will never sell or buy from you again.

Edit To Add:
Here is a photo of the two necklaces that I bought.

THE ONLY THING EDITED ABOUT THIS POST WAS FROM "Edit To Add:" AND DOWN TO THIS BOLD STATEMENT No other text was touched. This goes by community rules, I checked, and thus was able to edit this to add the pics.

ETA2: Lilenth made an excellent point so I thought I'd add it to main body:
Modastrid said: Yes they lay perfectly flush with each other. I created a pattern before cutting them to insure they'd match up with no gaps.

She used the word flush which means:

1. even or level, as with a surface; forming the same plane: The bottom of the window is flush with the floor.
2. having direct contact; being right next to; immediately adjacent; contiguous: The table was flush against the wall.

They are not flush as she said. So, where's this miscommunication exactly? There is no other definition for flush, definetly not one that is similar to "overlapping".

ETA3: please, for comparison, similar works:¤t=necklaces3.jpg

EDIT March 2010:
Her ego strikes again.
She deleted a comment there cause she did not agree with it and the commenter contacted the mods who then yelled at modastrid for deleting the comment. They also reposted the comment. Modastrid and the commenter seemed to have some debate going on. Though ofcourse modastrid just kept insisting her work was perfect and she wasn't forcing people to buy it. Then modastrid whined to the mods she was "being harrassed" and the comments got deleted again and the part of the comment-repost where the mods yelled at modastrid was edited out.

AND you ever wonder how she gets all those vintage furs? Here's one she bought on eBay for $10 and is trying to sell to YOU for $50:

EDIT April 2010:

Another beautiful screen cap:
NEW person joins FHB and posts some pics of her artwork and Modastrid accuses her of spamming the community... if you follow any of the comms that Modastrid is a part of you know that 90% of her posts are just ads for her new artwork for sale. lmao.
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