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My experience with "Exodite Dragon / Astral Abortion" 3/31/09-12/19/09

Hi all,
This is my experience with Exodite Dragon aka Astralabortion I just want to show everyone how difficult it can be with some artists. This really sucks cuz I REALLY dig his work.

Short version: We talked online about two commission. He gave me the price of $200, I paid him on 3/31/09, on 7/13/09 he said he wouldn't do it, and finally get my money back 9 months after original payment on 12/19/09 (today)


I talked to him online about wanting a couple large paintings (since he needed the money) he agreed, so I paid him through paypal:

Payment details

Amount: $200.00 USD
Transaction Date: Mar. 31, 2009
Transaction ID: 5FY10016HP417890V

Subject: Two dragon art pieces

18x24 is a standard canvas size...
1: Two dragons fighting, 2: Dragon and Diadexxus

We can talk about details.
Due June 1st.

After I paid him we talked about various ideas for the paintings. He wanted one sexual one, I was cool with that, the two fighting ones sounded awesome! I figured he would be well on his way on being done, so I left him alone. I also didn't see him online much at all for a few months.

I emailed him because the commission was due on 6/1/09:

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 1:21 AM, <dia@xxxxx> wrote:

Hey Exodite,
I haven't heard from you since I ordered my commissions from you in April.

Could you please get back to me on the ETA on these two orders as they
were due on June 1.


I get an email from him. I think his Ego rethought the Commission prices:


Not to be an asshole about this, but you paid me $100 apiece for two
paintings far in excess of my standard commission size. Initially, during
our conversation concerning what you wanted, the exact dimensions were not
entirely clear to me. Moreover, searching for you on Yahoo! to discuss
prelims and the problem I had with the pay for the size proved futile - That
you come to me almost 45 days after the due date to finally seek audience I
take a bit of issue with.

Point being, $100 for *paintings *two feet by a foot-and-a-half apiece is
entirely too paltry a sum. If I were aware of the exact mess I was getting
myself into, you can be damn sure I'd have charged no less than $350 per.

This is not to say I don't want to do the commissions for you - but at $100
each you're going to get two marker images at 9x11 on bristol board. I will
forward you the prelims if you want to continue on, because I am fascinated
by the idea, but if you wish to continue ahead with the water colors you'll
either have to pay the extra per or consolidate the $200 towards a single
piece after we've had a chance to discuss the direction you want the
composition to develop.


The "dimensions being not entirely clear" is TOTAL BULLSHIT. They were in the frickin' PAYMENT TEXT AS WELL!!

WTF, he knew exactly what he was getting into, and my JAW dropped when I read "Point being, $100 for *paintings *two feet by a foot-and-a-half apiece is entirely too paltry a sum. If I were aware of the exact mess I was getting myself into, you can be damn sure I'd have charged no less than $350 per." HOLY SHIT! EGO anyone??

This was AMAZING to me that someone would say this after taking my money MONTHS before! WHY DID HE AGREE TO THE PRICE AND TAKE MY MONEY?

Then he goes to tell me what I WILL get. FUCK THAT! I asked for my money back

Please reply that you got my message.

Forget about the commission and send the full $200 in full. (If its
paypal, there are fees that go with that)


I email him AGAIN.... (and left messages on FA)

On 7/26/09, dia@critter.net <dia@xxxxx> wrote:
> Please contact me. This is the fifth email here and FA.
> I just want the money back and to forget the commissions if this is going
> to be all Artist Drama.
> Please, just send me the $200 in Paypal, as a GIFT, so you don't have to
> pay the fees, and be done with it.
> -J

On Tue, July 28, 2009 12:22 pm, Exodite Dragon wrote:
> Diadexxus -
> I am in the midst of a move. Once I get myself set up, I'll forward
> t/he refund. I am sorry to learn you didn't want to contiune forward with a
> scaleback of the original commission, but that's your call.
> Exodite

Sorry, Paypal takes a whole 2 minutes to do. This was a bullshit email to put me off I think.

I sent another reminder.

On 8/22/09, dia@critter.net <dia@xxxxx> wrote:
Its been weeks since you last emailed me. You must be by now, moving.

I really want to know when you plan on sending me my $200 in total.
Please log onto PayPal and get me and send it to me.


I sent yet another email:

On 9/15/09, dia@critter.net <dia@xxxxx> wrote:
OK, its been almost 2 months since your last email.
Please return my $200 to me immediately.

This is really starting to get me mad.



Then, I didn't hear things for FIVE MONTHS! I kept leaving him messages on FA since it seems that he has ignored my emails. Then after I saw a post on here that he finally contacted another commissionee I send another email:

On Mon, December 7, 2009 10:55 pm, <dia@xxxxx> wrote:
> OK, I see you are FINALLY getting back to people online:
> http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/281802.html
> Now can you please get back to me? Its been 5 MONTHS. I tried finding
> you at MFF without much luck. I think its fair that you get a hold of me
> immediately regarding sending my money back on paypal. dia@XXXX is
> my paypal, please send my full $200.
> -J
I found him on AIM, and he ACTUALLY PAID BACK HALF back!! Promising the next on 12/18/09
Payment details
Amount: $100.00 USD
Transaction Date: Dec 11, 2009
Transaction ID: 6W04304706310560U
Subject: Refund Owed 12-11-09
Message: Date of next refund payment will be 12-18-09.


I found him on AIM again, asking if he would please send the second payment as was promised. Holy shit, the Second Refund ACTUALLY came!
Payment details
Amount: $100.00 USD
Transaction Date: Dec 19, 2009
Transaction ID: 90555843YV531670C
Subject: Refund
Message: Second refund owed~

You can view the details for this transaction by logging in to your PayPal account
and clicking the "History" tab.

THIS SHIT IS DONE AND OVER WITH. I will never be commissioning from him ever again, which is a complete shame as I love his work. But I don't want to deal with this type of bullshit Ego and lack of communication.
Tags: artist-exoditedragon/astralabortion/capn, beware, resolved

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