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Update Regarding Opiumrevolution

UPDATE: Issue resolved. Got my book, and some money back! Rock!

Reference entry:

This has been going on since July 5th. I ordered a single page, single character commission, colored on July 4th. Due to Artist Alley rules at Anthrocon, I had to pay in advance, and I gave her my sketchbook, which she said would be done the next day. Since then, there have been long times without communication, and the most recent contact is below.

So, as of the moment, this issue is still not resolved. My last return of contact from the seller was September 4th, the results being:

"Hey Chester I wanna first apologize to you. My excuse for not mailing you your book or responding to your notes is honestly I took way more commissions than I could handle. Again sorry. It was not my intention to screw you over. See I took a bunch of commissions right before AC, some during AC, then still I had a couple people contact me after AC about commissions. The smart thing to do would have been to turn people away, but I still took them anyway. So that being said you can imagine I have alot of notes in my inbox to go over. PLUS also I've had a bunch of people noting me too about when their commission was going to get mailed out. That's why your notes prob got overlooked.

Well like I said I don't wanna screw anyone over. So I'll do whatever it takes to make this right. Just verify that your address is correct and I'll mail your book to you"

I responded confirming my address-And have heard nothing since. As Far as I can tell, she has been on since then, but has done no submissions. Any ideas?
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