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EDIT to orginal wall

Edit. Insulting a persons typing is just as un cool and rude as someone who doesn't try. I don't type well, I'm sorry I have a learning disability that makes editing my own work atrocious at best. I don't bring it up too much because I find people can be very prejudicial and unnecessarily nasty. But this isn't the place to discuss the complexity of types of intelligence and perception. I'm sorry I ruffled so many english professors. So bear with me please.

I've debated posting here for some time. It's easy to Get labeled whiny or demanding or misunderstood. This is a very touchy subject for many.

For time line and details. ( takes a deep breath Probably too long didn't read. )

First commission was bought At MFF 06. Which I think was still held in November. Colored single character simple background. Nothing too fancy. To be honest I can't even remember the pose ideas Or the medium for coloring. Paid upfront. 35 USD

Second was bought at AC 06 the Person who was still a friend at the time was suffering some fiscal issues and low sales, feeling sorry I said Well okay you still gotta do my color work but sure. Just draw me up a single character inked. For approx 25 USD.

I say the total is 80 bucks because of the USD to Canadian Dollar exchange rates are close.

At one point I think they gave a few refunds but I was not contacted. And at the time of the refunds had a deadline. I did not find out until it was too late. Reading how the person was in financial woe. I felt sorry for them. So I did not make much a fuss then. I mean hard times happen to everyone. I then simply said. If it takes you a few months up to year to do It I'm okay as long as you do it.
One other Time I was put on the " List" But with no indication how long this list was or a time line.

Over the years I've sent notes and once asked them at a con if they would do it. I got a beat around the bush reply. I usually waste little time telling people how I feel. But when it comes to furry art I've learned the moment you call out a popular artist for owed artwork. Or disrupt a popular furs good name in ANY WAY You get smashed down hard by them and their fans. It can make things difficult for you. Buying and selling art seems simple. But given how popular this group is it's a complex issue. Subject to interpretations and many differing opinions. I'm very patient when it comes to Commissions.
Jobs happen life happens. Naturally life does come first but where do we draw the lines? Over a year and It starts to get tiresome. Perhaps I sound impatient now, but for what I paid I think I should have been given something. And people are right. I am somewhat angry/fustrated. When I see someone offering sales and selling new commissions and completing them before my pre paid work back from 06 hasn't been done. I'd like to think my frustration is more then justified after this long a time has passed.

Another reason I'm avoiding too much discussion face to face is the person recently moved to my area. From across the country. And is currently dating one of my good friends. People are very inclined to defend their Significant other despite a wrong doing And to be honest I'd like to keep that friendship in tact. I cant just stop a social game night And go So hey X what about my commissions you've owed me? * cue awkward silence and drama*

I'm sort of looking for the right wording to say to this person. I've been tempted to out their name but I'm hoping for a more peaceful end. Thanks for the help and imput earlier.

Thank you.
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