Yoko Fox (yokofox) wrote in artists_beware,
Yoko Fox

A commissioner I have some issues with

Just posting here to let everyone know, do not accept a commission from this person! Unless you enjoy having your work re-edited, without your approval, that is.

I'm talking about the commissioner named Frisky-Lime. Dunno if he has an LJ, but that's his FA.

I live with the artist called Crys the Hybrid, and Frisky bought a commission from her. Let me make it know, he lives here, too, by the by.

Crys worked on his picture for 2 days solid, from 10am to around 8pm, and went from sketch to full color in that time. So she shows Frisky, and he says it's good to go. So she e-mails it to him, and he thanks her and goes to his room, theoretically to post it to his FA.

I go in there after a while to go to the bathroom, which is IN his bedroom, and catch a glimpse of his computer. He's been in his room for the last few hours, editing the picture Crys spent so long on.

In the end, he recolored the whole thing, redrew certain bits, and added several things that Crys never drew. And when I asked him why he did it, he said "I'm really picky about my art."

To which I wanted to reply, "Then edit YOUR OWN art!" And also, "Then why do you buy commissions?"

The latter of which was actually spoken, and he said, "Because I like getting art!"

>.< I, for one, will never accept a commission from this guy, after this crap. He literally saw NOTHING wrong with his actions. In fact, he thinks he's "improved" the picture.

Needless to say, I disagree.

So, yeah. Here's my warning: Do NOT accept a commission from this person, if you want any sort of respect for the work you put in on his art, because he will, in all likelihood (he's done this before, but not quite so drastically) immediately edit your work.
Tags: beware, comm-frisky-lime
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