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Feather Dancer

A commissioned art query

Afternoon guys :) I’ve got a query I’d like advice on as this will be the first time I’ve done anything like this.

For a bit of background, I occasionally do bits of work for the Gainsborough Heritage Association, a charity in the town near me. This has led into me getting involved (By doing the following) with a campaign for getting headstones for war graves in one of the cemeteries and as part of the research they do there in keeping a record of the stones which in turn help families to be traced.

On seeing an image I did for Remembrance Day, I’ve been asked to edit that image a tad (Just throw to in two more poppies, I’ll beefing it up by my own choice on top of this) and create an image showing the bio-diversity of the cemetery it’s self using photos my mother has taken. These’ll be used for that, the poppies for the header of their newsletter and I can’t for the life of me remember with the other, think that will depend on how it turns out.

As this is a charity I will not be paid directly but a select amount from my grandmother who works for the Heritage Association (I’m happy with it) and I know she’ll pay as she has done for whenever I’ve done work for them before albeit this is the first time it’s been art related. There is no set deadline either.

So my question is, is there anything I need to get done and sorted before I get into the meat of this little project? I’m editing the poppy image right now (Here for the curious, never tried anything like this before) and hopefully get to work on the from scratch one soon. Thanks for any help, highly appreciated! :)
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