LobotomySoup (lobotomysoup) wrote in artists_beware,

Thefts Oh My

//I have been informed that the main hosting company blocked this site//

I'm sure plenty of Furries here watch Dragoneer in some way or another, so they already got a warning about this.
This is a follow up with screen shots from the website that is selling masses of stolen porn. This isn't is not %100 furry either, even though thats what it promises.


It has to be your own stuff that you report. If you see something that you know, pass it along to the artist. I didn't see any of the screen caps till today, so I figured the people who haven't seen them their selves wouldn't mind taking a look.

The info on how to contact the site and get your art down is listed at the top of this link.

Remember, just because you don't draw fur-porn doesn't mean you shouldn't take a look. There was plenty of just human chicks from what I saw too.

I'm posting this over on Art Theft too.
Tags: art theft, resolved, site-hardblush.com
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