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Exodite Dragon / Astral Abortion / Capn Buttz Update

Final update:
Nica got hers today. It came in undamaged.
Like mine, instead of being sent out around or on the 11th of November, it was sent out on the 24th.

In closing, this was a long time coming, and we're just happy to have our badges, but would have preferred more honesty from Exo.

Thank you, everybody, who helped out.

Fishyboner issue fixed. I only thought Fishy was Exo because of the signature and the e-mail I was contacting him through. My most sincere apologies to Fishyboner, whom I know nothing of, but hear only wonderful things from people in this thread.

Previous entries:

My fiancée Nica and I commissioned badges from Buttz / Astral/ Exodite back at AnthroCon 09 in early July.
For a while, Buttz was not seen online and said to be having financial and internet troubles.
Got in contact with him and had several conversations about him sending out the badges.

Current situation:

Two weeks ago, he said he sent them out first class, and therefore could not get tracking as he had promised. (This was said to Nica).
I told him that neither Nica nor I had received our badges last and this week.
Buttz said if they had not come in on the 25th, to tell him and he'd issue a refund and send the hi-res scans.
He told me he was worried because he had sent them priority.
I kept asking for the hi-res scans before the fact, so I could have a better look while I waited.
He never did e-mail me the hi-res scans, not even today. No refund was issued on the 25th when I told him.

He did, however, say he was going to send printed versions in the mail via priority on the 27th. (Today, Friday).


The original came today (Friday, 27th). Damaged on the edges, but I can run it through my lamination machine to fix it up a little.
This is definitely traditional media.

Oh joy! So the mail lost it for a while and bunged it up a bit while in wait, what?


If you are having problems keeping dates, completion, sending out mail, whatever...
We all have excuses, I understand. We have reasons, but for all that's right, be honest.
Don't lie. Don't make excuses about shipment. I can clearly read a printed shipping label. These are printed during shipment purchase.
My badge was not sent out two weeks ago.
It was sent out Tuesday.
It's not a print. Those were to be sent out today (Friday, 27th).
I also can tell it's traditional media. Little things like pressure marks, pencil marks, how the ink stands out...
How the gel-pen metallic shines...

I can only hope Nica gets hers soon too.

This was a long time coming. As much as I love his art... and his kindness of offering me 50% off my next commission...
There will be no next commission.
He's a nice guy, a pleasure to talk to, sweet and thought-out in the way he speaks.
His business handling, however, is not up to par.
Do not commission Astral Abortion / Exodite Dragon(s) /Capn Buttz unless you want to deal with issues like what I experienced. [Been corrected. He is not Fishyboner. Only thought so because of his e-mail sig]

Below are snippets of conversation and e-mail to show the date inconsistency.

Chat log from the 23rd, [ ] notes my comments:

buttz is available 2:05 pm
buttz 2:05 pm
Anything yet?
me 2:05 pm
buttz 2:05 pm
Crap crap crap...
me 2:05 pm
Sent first class?
buttz 2:05 pm
Air priority. :/
buttz is available 2:06 pm
Available 9s ago
buttz 2:06 pm
Give me the addresses again. I want to double-check my shipping labels when I get home.
me 2:12 pm
Wait one moment...
buttz 2:12 pm
Sure thing.
me 2:12 pm
You told Nica you sent it 'regular mail.'
Not priority.
buttz 2:13 pm
Yeah. The post office. Not ups or fedex.
me 2:13 pm
You told her you could not get tracking numbers because you sent it 'regular mail.' [Nica told me first class, but I'd have to see if she still has logs to prove this]
buttz 2:14 pm
I didn't mean standard shipping. I send everything 2-3 day priority, hence the -extreme- concern I have. I don't usually buy delivery confirmation or get tracking because I've never had this problem before. [but you told me there would be tracking]
me 2:15 pm
[gave addresses again. the rest of the convorsation was us talking about how unreliable mail can be]

Our e-mails
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