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Potential warning in the making

I know this has been asked several times before by different people, but now I am starting to ask myself the same thing. "How long is too long to wait for an art trade?" I do not want to name the other person just yet because I would really much rather hear what people have to say, given the situation. This is what has been going on:

Some time at the end of August, I made a journal on FA asking if anyone wanted to do a badge trade. I specifically said that they must be willing and able to mail me their half. I agreed to trade with someone who commented on my journal. I finished her badge and posted it. She approved it, so I laminated it and mailed it out to her at the end of August (around the 25th, roughly). She verified that she received it.

Now here's the confusing part. A little over a month went by and I heard nothing. I sent her a note asking what was going on. She responded a day later (October 8th), saying that "the address was wrong, it got returned in the mail and damaged," then continued to say she has bills and car insurance to pay off.

I've got a few red flags going up as a result.
1. If you had completed the first one, why didn't you show it to me first before attempting to mail it out? I would have liked to approve of it and make sure it didn't need alterations. (If ANYTHING, it would at least prove that you legitimately did your half.)
2. I have never, ever had someone get a returned letter from the post office for my address. Either this is an extremely bad fluke, she wrote the address wrong, or she is a liar and never sent it. (The badge would be sent within the US. This is nothing international.)

So it is approaching 4 months and I haven't seen so much as a sketch from her (whether she did the "first one" or not). That one note was the only note that I ever sent her. I am NOT one to harass people daily, weekly, or even monthly. Maybe she needs a reminder, but I don't know. I understand that life happens and that bills and other things DO get in the way.. But I feel like this is getting a bit too ridiculous for me. It's just a badge!

With that said.. Should I release her name and advise others not to trade with her? Or do I sit on it for another few months and just hope she decides to send it? It's possible that she just needs a firm reminder, but I don't know.

Thank you for reading this. I know it got a bit long winded, but I wanted to try to make the situation as clear as I could. Thanks again. :)
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