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Anyone seen CleavageAvenger???

This isnt a beware post but more of a search party!

I'm trying to find CleavageAvenger : www.furaffinity.net/user/cleavageavenger/

I commissioned him nearly 6months ago now for a cheap $12 picture (full body full colour background etc, he was just starting out) to which i did get a sketch (after a bit of nagging) but he never completed the piece. My last point of contact with him was on the 16th July 2009 to which he said the piece would be finished within a couple of days and since then i havent heard a thing! I've tried noting, and emailing using the address he has on his front page. But needless to say it was unfruitful. He had just moved around and was on a pretty unstable internet connection as far as i know. BUt looking at his gallery, uploads and faves the most recent activity (faving) was three months back.

Does anyone know where he is? I know he's not prety well known, and for that small ammount of money i should just write it off to bad experience and leave it at that. But i was pretty hard up for money at the time. and was meant to be a gift for someone close to me... needless to say i had to pay someone else out in order to get that done! It's way too late to get a refund from paypal regarding this too.

Any help would be appreciated! Or a link to where he can be found on other galleries.. if any..

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