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Stolen Tablet ~ Please return

For those who weren't following on FA. They've agree'd to send the tablet back.
I'm still waiting on a tracking number and all that, so we'll see what happens!
But they've said they're sending it back. So I'm hopeful.

I was told I should perhaps post this here, sorry if it doesn't belong.
I own a wacom intuos 3, that I allowed a good friend to use.
His ex-room mate, when he moved out took it with him.
Honest mistake, many people accidentally take something with them in a move. Who hasn't come home before and realized, oh no I accidently stole soandso's lighter.
So I contacted his ex-roommate, Razr (also his fa user name) and he answered my phone call the first time, and said it was given him to him as a gift by my friend and he was busy at the moment at a party and asked if I could call later. Again, not a big a deal of course I don't want to ruin someones good time by bothering them about such things at a party.

I tried to contact him the next day. Nothing.
The day after? Nothing, and the day after and after and after.
I sent him text messages, left him voicemails, sent him notes through FA.

If he was honestly given the tablet under false pretenses and thought it was gift, why act so shady?

Eventually his room mate/mistress contacted me on his behalf. She told me, Razr will NOT give up that tablet since it was "gifted" to him. That I should purchase a new tablet, and that I should talk to my friend about paying me for it.

If someone gave you a gift you later learned was stolen, wouldn't you return it to it's rightful owner? I've offered to pay for shipping and handling. I've tried explaining to them that this tablet means a lot to me sentimental wise, since I had work my ass off to come up with $200 and my uncle paid the $250+ difference on it when we purchased it for my birthday.
She told me, Sorry but it's not her problem or business and wishes me the best of luck.

I want my tablet back. :c It cost me and my uncle a lot of money. It means a ton to me, more then it would to anyone else. I don't want another tablet or a new one. I just want mine :/
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