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Company to Avoid: Paper Forest

Okay artists out there, I have one that's not about buyers, sellers, or commissions, this should be a reminder to do your research on companies as well, before putting any money down.

I highly advise not to do any dealings with the online print company Paper Forest, or Sticker Booth, as both are tied to the same person's email, and Paypal accounts.

I'd also like to say, I don't feel this is someone who's intentionally trying to scam, or rip off artists while laughing all the way to the bank. I get the vibe that this is someone that left an automated payment system up on a site that he's no longer (for whatever reason) keeping tabs on, which is what's causing the beware.

My A+ first time dealing with them:

My first dealings with PF started in March. I had heard some good things about them, and having seen the stickers they make in person at conventions before, figured this was where I'd want to order mine from. I uploaded two die cut designs, and placed the order. The site uses an auto checkout with Paypal, which is a little concerning when I get no confirmation beyond Paypal's 'You paid these guys!' email. But, I'd seen the work, so I didn't stress over it.

The site listed the turn around as 15-20 days, but knowing that shipping can be unpredictable, I placed my order with a week and half before I needed them for Anime Boston.

21 days rolls around and I fire off a polite email to the Support email, asking for the status, I get a reply that night and I'm informed the order is done, and was shipped the day before. Sure enough two days later a box shows up with the stickers. I'm in love, they look awesome.

I started telling people how much I loved the company after that first trip, I regret this now.

Skip forward a bit, to August. I decided to place a second order, same set up, two die cut designs, the total 122.95, with the same automated checkout through Paypal. Once again, 21 days rolls around, and I start to get antsy, but not wanting to jump the gun like last time, I just wait a bit longer. 31 days hits, and I fire off the same polite email asking for an update, letting them know, I don't mind if there's a delay, I just want some contact.

No answer two days later, I decided to ask an artist who's done work with them before over on DA. She says I'm not the first person she's heard having delays with the company since June, and she doesn't know what's up with the guy running the site. This does not instill confidence in me, so that night I track down two different emails tied to the site/guy in charge. This time I'm a little more firm, I again let them know I just want an update, even if it's to tell me there's a delay, if I DON'T get contact by the end of the week, I'll be taking it up with Paypal.

No answer to any of the three emails now. At this point I finally do the math and see it's been 43 days since the order was placed late August, almost DOUBLE the stated turn around time, and I only have 48 hours to file with Paypal.

I go ahead and file a dispute, not wanting to lose the chance to. No contact still. I put this aside, having to deal with Furfright at this point, when I get back, over a week has past, zero email, and my dispute is still sitting at 'Waiting for seller to respond', so I turn it into a Claim to get my money refunded. Still NO contact.

As of writing this, they have 3 days to contact Paypal, and I'll probably have to wait EVEN LONGER, before I actually get my money back.

In conclusion, don't use Paper Forest unless you enjoy sending your money on a three month trip around Paypal, obviously there's no one manning this site anymore, which is a shame, they did amazing stickers while it was being maintained.


Paypal refunded my money, no extra wait or story telling needed.
Paper Forest also updated their home page to reflect the recent wait times. I would proceed with caution, but it's VERY good that they acknowledge the problem and are willing to fix it. Let's hope I get an email in reguards to my own failed order now.

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