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AstralAbortion / Capn Buttz / Exodite Dragon Update

Update - 04-11-2009:
I had sent an e-mail and FA note perhaps a week or so ago saying for him to just send the badges already.
I would pay for shipping if I had to.
I was tired of being lied to and hearing: "This week." and "Soon."


Nica talked to him tonight.
Both badges are done.  [We got to see proof... fuzzy, blurry proof.]
He explained to Nica some complications he's had these past months.
Buttz said: "I can finally, -finally- send your shit out tomorrow."

A lot of this could have been avoided by better communication.

Thanks again to all his friends who helped.

Updating my update:

TL;DR - AnthroCon 09 (July 2 - 5 ) badges long overdue.
I got hold of friends.
Friends got hold of him.
Understandably, the artist had rough times during and after the con, but the badges were finished in July.
Friends say Buttz is to send badges out shortly.  (Was told this by at least two separate people.)
Finally got hold of Buttz directly, two weeks ago (see previous journal for conversation).
Addresses were given.
Badges were supposed to be sent out Saturday, October 10th, and a tracking number e-mailed.
Two weeks passNothing, not even a tracking number.

Somebody, a good friend of Buttz, please help me out with this again.
He has my cell number so he can call me directly.
He has Nica's and my addresses.
If he needs postage, I'll pay for postage.

For now, all I can say is, don't commission AstralAbortion / Capn Buttz / Exodite Dragon.
I am sure he is a good person because he has good friends who help out.
I am sure he is usually reliable, but right now, something is holding him back.
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