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Has anyone heard from Goku-san on fa? *solved*

This really isn't a beware yet vs just being concerned. I commissioned her three months ago and I haven't heard a thing back since then. I emailed and noted her on her fa account asking her the status of my commission. (not a rush or anything) Apparently the note has been read and I have recieved no reply to my email.  So naturally I am a bit worried. It was only eight bucks but I would still like to see the final product or have a refund.  Thanks for your time

Edit: she contacted me through email saying that she had been busy with other work, which I had no clue about.  She also said I proved to be very impatient.  I personally don't think so but if I am wrong then fine I will gladly apologize.  I offered her the option to just refund me so we could just pretend this never happened

Last Edit: She said she would get a sketch out for me this week and we both admitted fault in a miscommunication. Please refrain from saying anything derogatory, because my intention was not to drag her name through the mud or make her out to be a bad artist.
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