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Fursuiter Problems

>> I wish I knew about this place earlier...

(whom I've had problems with)

I ordered a head and feet paws for my fursona Ramu (icon)
3 YEARS ago in April with a due Date for August
She told me she could do it... roughly $500

August comes i need it in 15 days so I send her an email, No reply back...
The con comes and goes... a bit irritated I send another e-mail simply asking what happened and if she would be able to get it done before Halloween? =__=  I don't get a reply until late OCTOBER she says shes been sick and has had some issues with moving and such and said sorry and that she was behind on things so she could get it done by thanksgiving or christmas at the latest...
I was sympathetic and said okay I can deal with that.

...The year goes by and its now JANUARY 5 months after my original due date... I send an email asking for at least proof that she has started it. I don't get a reply until February stating that she hasn't started the head yet and she messed up on the furring of my feet and she will send pictures soon.  -__- a bit angry but none the less I give in and say okies! ^^ ... yeah >__>

I wait... and wait... Its now June... I send an email asking for progress and pictures and if it can be done by August for the next con.
I get a reply only a few days later about this huuuge sickness and family issues and being depressed and such and hasnt "felt" good enough to do it but se says my feet are complete and my head is sculpted waiting to be furred and she  will try to get it done by then.
'sigh' im kinda mad but i said okay since it seems you're almost done but you can't just stop doing things you get paid for because you're sad you can't hope to have a business like that thinking like that... expecialy for that long... she offered a 3D rendering of the head and pictures to be sent very soon =__= yeah right...

and ever since then on august stating she will get it to me as soon as she can and saying shell send me pics and such she completely stopped replying to my emails and just dropped all contact... ><

so just a warning to all u furries out there if she does open up shop again do NOT commission her >>
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