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Endorisia/KaoruParkhurst [UPDATED]

This is a warning mainly about business done with Endorisia of FA/Furbid. For the tl;dr version she had been bidding on a slew of fursuits on furbid while also asking to commission fursuits from various makers. She's had consistent failures to pay for just about all of them and varying stories/excuses across the board for each suit maker or artist. These excuses have been debunked as lies as she's apparently had swine flu, broken her leg, gone to conventions [with said broken leg], been riding her motor cycle [at the same time as her leg being broken.] She has also been involved in design theft from one artist, selling of that artists commission services without that artists permission. [Pretty much she'd post an auction selling off her friends commissions slots without her permission and have the money sent to herself]

This is mainly a concern because Endorisia has been posting up multiple full suit and mature suit auctions/taking commissions for suits. It's becoming a worry that many people will not see their money or any product when all is said and done.

If anyone else has had failed auctions, commissions or business dealings with her please feel free to add your story.

My dealings with her-

I had a snow leopard suit sitting, that I had failed to deliver in a timely manner and was scrapping the project to focus on paying back the commissioner. Kaoru began to inquire into the suit and whether it was for sale and I said that yes I would resell it, she asked a price and I said 150-180 tops as it was important to begin bringing money in to pay the prior commissioner back. She insisted that she was 'aware of how hard it is to sew and make fursuits' and said she'd like to pay the full amount of 600, I was reluctant but agreed offering to make it into full suit as I had enough extra fur to do so and to alter the markings to fit her fursona.

It seemed like a good fix for the problem and she agreed to send me a duct tape dummy. Over the next few weeks she approached me to make her a wolf/dragon hybrid head with moving jaw, glass eyes, mane and detailing. I was so thankful for her first purchase I agreed to material costs only. She then contacted me to make her a cosplay of the code geass character Arthur which I also agreed to do for cost of materials only.

Having not received the DTD I wrote it off to my postal system as I live in an apartment complex and larger packages are sent to my landlord. I told her that I had not received it and she mentioned that it had returned to her but her sister had sent the dtd to beastcub instead. I gave a nod and continued to wait for a new one.

Over this time I received no payment but consistent contact, often times she would tell me about the cosplay work that she did and also tell me about the fursuit work that her sister supposedly did. I would ask for pictures each time interested in seeing others work. I like to see new artists work so it was mainly out of curiosity. Over the next month and a half she put off showing me and finally PM'd me a pic of a fursuit at a convention. I had never seen the head or style before so I thought nothing of it and thought it was indeed her 'sisters' work. She went so far as to mention how interesting it was to watch her sister make it and how she got to help with the jaw hinge.

Another two months went by often times with me pressing her to send some material payment so I could do work. She would come up with various inconsistent excuses and I would relent and wait. By this time I had landed a job and began saving/paying back my prier commissioner separate from this. Having middlemen in a already drawn out refund seemed odd and with Kaoru being very sketchy I didn't feel comfortable with anything else going wrong. I had by now invested 110 in grey fur for the Arthur suit, 30 in white fur for the snow leopard's body suit and another 30 for white on the dragon head as well as 3 blocks of foam for padding in the body suit and head work. She had paid me a grand total of 60 dollars. This was my own mistake for being over eager and not a big loss as I still have the fur and can recycle it for another project.

Things pretty much hit the fan once 4 months had gone by and I was becoming agitated. While looking over FA I saw the Pandemic suit by Yellowfr3ak and couldn't shake the feeling that it looked familiar. Pulling up the pic that Kaoru had given me of her 'sisters' work I began digging through Yellow's gallery, finding nothing I clicked through her friends and found The Puppet Master [made by yellow]. The pic that Kaoru had provided me was of this suit and was in fact a stolen reference. I chose to confront Kaoru and she pulled the 'Omg I can't believe my sibling lied to me' bit. [Please note that she mentioned helping with the head and watched it being 'made' so she was lying right to me]

Knowing now that she had no problem lying to me I began snooping around and found that she had failed to pay for suits that she had bid on on Furbid. A Kyubbi suit, she had also lied about the status of owning a goat suit and had been attempting to get funds from the artist Bocardi under the pretext that she already had the suit.

This brought me back to an agreement with her and I began to worry, when she was considering taking suit commissions she asked if I would be okay with carving foam blanks for some of the heads. This had been months prior and I agreed to do it for cost of foam and any add on's like glass eyes and the like. I gave her a form for each person who wanted one to fill out and mentioned that I would need contact with each person before I would accept doing anything. [I refuse to have someone speak for me] It had been months and with her failure to pay for anything so far or mention of the heads I shrugged it off as dropped.

After the incident with the stolen ref I got the feeling that she might be pushing my work to her commissioners without my express permission as I told her I'd only okay them one at a time if I had time or felt I could carve the blank. I logged onto an alternative FA account and dropped her a PM for a quote to see how she would respond.

The PM I sent from my account Hell trying to make it seem authentic-
Hello I am Hell Wolf or Hell for short.

I saw the posts for your mature suit commissions on Furbid recently and was interested. My character is a black wolf with red tear markings, a red cross on his back and red spikes on her tail along with red horns. I'm looking for something in the realistic style with a more serious expression and my budget levels off at 1,200. I would like leg padding and was curious about two things. Can I see your previous examples and do you have a discretion policy as I am a bit of a private person?

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Her response-

That would be fairly simple enough.
I would be able to do that - creatures with oddities and all that jazz are much more enjoyable to do. A mature suit at that price would be around 1,100, and I am currently working on the actual suits themselves as examples since my old stuff is icky & yucky.
Your head will be done by Hollenheist/Cassie however, and she has an example up of a head she's done on her FA page. And yes, discretion is an all-out policy with me. I totally understand how people feel about mature-suits, and the hidden-zipper will help hide it even more.

I'll be sure to send you examples once I get my better mature-suit examples up.

Hope you're doing well!

I kind of face palmed at this point as it was verified that she was throwing my name around without having anyone fill out the form, without informing me about commissioners. [Also she was telling them that I was doing their heads in general when she had only inquired to buy blanks from me] What worried me most was that she had mentioned being paid by some and spending the money right away on various medical bills [at the same time she was buying a bunch of fursuits/still bidding on more] So I am hoping that no one paid under the idea that I am doing work for them as I've never talked to or had contact with any of them.

After all this info was gathered I attempted to confront her multiple times but she avoided all contact from me once she knew that I was looking into inconsistencies/lies that she had told. She proceeded to claim messenger problems [her friends verified that she was invisible on aim a few times.] And that she'd 'confronted her sister over the lies and had a falling out with her'

At this point Bocardi was kind enough to relay what I had to say to her over the phone to which Kaoru promptly tried to change the subject multiple times and hung up.

I don't really want anything done about my end of it, I failed to be cautious and shouldn't have invested in fur before being paid. I just hope that no one else will have to deal with her lies/inconsistencies/poor business practices and I urge anyone who may have given her money to demand a product or get their money back.

Others dealings with her:

Bocardi- http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bocardilicious/

While I had considered Sasuke/Endorisa/Kaoru/Masaki a friend in the time I had come to talk with her, it eventually became very difficult not to notice the various oddities and inconsistencies to the things she did or said that involved me.


I had allowed this girl to play several characters that belong to me. While her roleplay inactivity with them lacked greatly (her excuses tending to be about "real life drama" with her mother), the art activity with my characters soared. She would commission and receive various art pieces involving these characters and never inform me of them. I would only discover them by running across across them in various art threads on a forum we both frequent or art-related sites. Instead of telling the people who did the art that the characters belonged to me, she either told them they were hers, allowed them to believe they were hers, or claimed them as hers when she posted them on art-related sites.

Characters I have caught her claiming as hers include Axel and Roxas, Gadget, Mordecai, and Skiver.

The art above, save for the Axel/Roxas image, is not by me but by a friend.


A few months ago, I had decided to try my luck at taking commissions. She had told me that she would mention me to a few people and refer others to me. However, instead of doing this, she placed examples of my art on FurBid and auctioned me off. I was told of these auctions after they had ended and people were demanding art from me. I would like to stress that she sold off my work without my permission. Instead of talking with me, all communications were to her and she "passed the message" along to me. Only one of these contacted me and that was by sheer luck that he paid to my paypal account. I refunded him once, which he prompted sent the money back saying that he paid for art and wanted it. He then won the other auctions involving my commissions. [also put up without my permission] I refunded him again and told him I was unable to do commissions at this point in time. The other day, while on the phone with her, she mentioned how this same guy was "getting angry, wanted his art, and would file against me on paypal if he didn't get it". This coming after I refunded him a second time.

I had been told that a couple of people other than this guy had also won auctions. I have never heard from them and their payments never showed in my paypal. This leads me to believe that they paid her directly.


There were several issues with fursuits that developed.

1. "Splitting". This was where we split the cost of a fursuit and she would alter it enough so it would fit the both of us. However, I had opened commissions for a reason: I'm broke otherwise. So, other means of payment came about. Essentially, I became her "art whore", doing free art pieces of her characters until the price of those commissions equaled the price of my half of the fursuit. However, she soon began demanding money [I had already done her a considerable amount of art] to not only pay for the fursuit but for "extras" she was adding to "make them better". I reiterated constantly that I didn't have money and she'd have to wait until I did. She also wanted me to pay 110 for a goat partial that we where 'splitting' The goat only cost 90 all together so my half should have been 45-50 tops but she claimed all this extra was for 'alterations to make it fit me'.

I found out that she had not bought a single one of the fursuits she wanted me to split with her on. She would mention wearing the goat suit to a convention but upon investigation it was still with it's maker while she 'paid' off other personal things from that artist. She was most likely trying to entice me into sending funds by lying about the suits status.

2. Partials. She constantly told me she did various pieces to fursuits for me. Heads of my personal fursonas, tails of my personal fursonas, so on and so forth. However, when I asked for pictures, she'd never send any. She also claimed once that she had mailed them to me, then changed her story to needing to mail them. Most of these she started out saying they were gifts to me, but eventually began demanding money for them as well.


While willing to pay for high-quality cosplays when I have the money to do so, she would give me an insane price for material alone, and demand that I send payment for it. She would tell me she had started various cosplays of characters she knew I was interested in, as well as their weapons, wigs, and accessories. However, when I asked to see progress pics or pics of the finished products, she would either not show me by claiming she hadn't taken pictures yet or she would give me a cropped image. These cropped images looked as though they came from google or from cosplay-related forums and sites. They looked too professional to be taken by a "crappy" digital camera.

Edit's as of October 8th-

After bringing this public many people have began to add to this list, it's become far too long to added accounts of her scamming will be added in condensed form.

Bandersnatch- Posted bellow, contacted by Kaoru for commissions, was never paid and was given multiple excuses.

Adeline/Blondie/Finch- Posted bellow, paid Kaoru around 20 dollar's for commissions, received no art and many excuses. NOTE- Upon investigation it was found that this 'customer' of Kaoru sent money to Huskie666 meaning that Kaoru has been bouncing money around scamming people to pay other artists.

Member of the BBA forum [preferring to remain anonymous, screen caps where provided to me and 'can' be provided to validate claim. For now though they remain to stay unknown]- Was approached by Kaoru over a commission slot of Huskie666's, Kaoru claimed to have a 'slot with huskie that she was not using' and asked it said member would like to buy it. Being a fan of huskies work the member agreed and paid 50 dollars to Kaoru. Kaoru received art from Huskie but not the member who paid. Another scam.

Another member of the BBA forum almost tricked by the same ploy, logs ahead-

Sasuke tried to sell her a slot for art from huskie666. She also did to me, I almost did but then she said it would be like 70 dollars total and I felt 'eh' about that. I never sent her any money though.

This is the conversation involving the first $30 for a badge.

kaoruparkhurst: Dude - you wanna badge from Huskie666? I have an extra spot from her, and am not using it. x3
9:24 PM me: Um, sure though I am not sure I am familar with their art, and how are you doing? We never talk anymore. =(
9:25 PM kaoruparkhurst: Oh, here's an example of her arwork; sorries.
9:26 PM http://fc08.deviantart.com/fs48/f/2009/226/2/d/Damn_Yakkin___Yankee____by_huskie666.jpg
But yeah; I'm doing fine. Hella tired, and working tons and tons and workin on a fursuit commission as well, so blahz.
How you doin?
9:30 PM me: I'm doing pretty good.
kaoruparkhurst: Dat's good. The Look
me: Oh yeah, okay, I'd love a badge from her.
9:31 PM kaoruparkhurst: It'll get sent to you as well, 30$. Just have an extra spot, not using it, and thought you might like it since you do badge stuffz. The Look
I just need to know who you want done. <33
9:32 PM me: I think I will get one done of Devy
9:33 PM kaoruparkhurst: Okay, I'll send her ref on over to her to gets done, and then I'll need yur adress too
9:37 PM kaoruparkhurst: I'll send it on over to her. Send the money to muggs8@excite.com and I'll get that moolah to Huskie. The Look Thanks for goin in on this with me. DUNNOWHATTODOWITHEXTRASPOTZ. I'll show ya' the pic she did for me and Cid a while back; gorgeous.
9:38 PM http://i30.tinypic.com/2ec280g.jpg

Fuego/another forum member-

I have no worries about discussing all the crap she's put me through with money issues.
I believe that still falls into this threads topic.

She said she needed money for Food - I sent 20 dollars - She bought hairspray fweeeeeeeeee
She said she needed surgery and ANY spare change would do - I asked Yami/Since we shared an account back then - She said yes- I sent the money- Fweeeeeeeeeee she took it and disappeared.
She CAME TO ME, trying to SELL ME, a commission spot by Huskie666? and thankfully I said no. But she said she was selling it for like 80 bucks or some shit.


Wow can't say I'm shocked to see this, had experienced this in my dealings with her.

I had offered to commission her to help her with her troubles a while back and had sent her 20 bucks. Never saw the commission. She even said she was going to commission others for pictures of my characters.

I also had to deal with her inconsistent behavior when she was in possession of a few of my characters that she played. Life must go on however.

Morobutt who posted bellow as well as on a forum thread pertaining to this-
I have known her for a long time now... I had trusted her like I do with all my close friends on the net but as of late she has been acting off. It took having someone else point out facts to me to see that things where not 'right' with her.

She has also tired to get me to let her sell my art on Furbid as well as my raccoon tails and bird feathers I was looking with parting with when I had no job or money to feed my ferrets.

Note- She also attempted many times to convince Moro into buying costuming work from her and when Moro would show interest Kaoru would give varying price quotes and keep upping the price.

Done for now x.-

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