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Update: On Friday, October 30th, I received the heads. The quality was fine, and if they weren't delivered four months past the due date, I would have been very satisfied.

I waited as long as possible to post this, but am pretty fed-up at the moment.

We had a client back in early June who wanted a fullsuit completed by MFM. Really, that was no problem, we had the fur already and the design was left pretty open, but he specifically wanted a head foamed by Isabella Price and finished by me. Isabella had opened for foam head commissions that month, so I contacted her about the commission and what the client wanted, and she agreed to go ahead and make the base. When making the request, I emphasized that I specifically needed them no later than the last week of July, because of the due date requested by the client. This was repeated twice. She assured me that it wouldn't be a problem, they only take 'a few days' to make. I paid her for it, along with two other foam bases that I wanted to experiment with later, and worked on the rest of the the client's suit. That was the second week in June, I finished the bodysuit the first week in July, and hadn't yet heard from Isabella about the heads. I sent her an e-mail just asking for a polite update and pics, if possible, but didn't hear back from her. I went ahead and did the feet, paws and tail - the suit was pretty much finished, except for the head, and pics were sent to a (at the time) very happy client. Two more weeks went by since I asked her for an update, still no contact.

Admittedly, I was getting a little nervous, she'd uploaded some other stuff, but not responded to the Note or shown any sign that they were being worked on. The deadline to receive them was only a week and a half off, I sent another message with another reminder (as politely as possible) that this head was needed for a client by the end of July, and I absolutely had to receive it so I could finish it in time. Again, no response. A few more days went by, she finally let me know that she was 'starting on them soon'. I was a little irritated, but hey she said they don't take long to make, so no big deal as long as it gets here in time, right? I sent the customer an update notifying him of the situation. A week and a half go by, she uploads more random art, I don't hear from her about the heads. Finally, the last day she'd be able to ship them for me to receive it in time, I send her a message asking if I could see some pics before she shipped the heads out (I was assuming/hoping they'd been finished and she'd just been too busy to reply). Nothing. The deadline passes, I send a very nervous message the customer letting him know what's going on, and he sounds apprehensive, but patient.

First week of August, I send her a firm message reminding her that she'd missed our agreed-upon deadline, and that I needed that head ASAP. I could wait for the two personal suit heads, but I needed this one for the client immediately. No response, the Note's not even read. ANOTHER week goes by, and I'm starting to panic, and update the customer again, and he's getting upset. I offer to start on a head for him, but he wants to hold out for hers. Since Isabella's not even reading my Notes, I send one with a blunt, attention-grabbing title to her, letting her know that I'm taking this to Artist_Beware if I don't get an update. Finally, a response. She says they're done, but there's no way to get the post office. I tell her that I will send her the money to overnight the customer's head if she can get it out the next day. I send $40. It doesn't happen, she couldn't get a ride.

Around the first week in August we had started discussing alternatives with the customer, but he wanted to hold out for the base made by Isabella. I explained to him that at this point, I'd seriously have to rush to get that head made, and I don't want to risk the quality. He's sure about it. Eventually he changed his mind and let me do it. Now, I had to rush through and make a head from scratch, even though the rest of this suit was finished over a month ago. He likes it, enjoys it at the con, but still wants the Isabella head finished.

I get back onto her about this again, and at this point, have honestly lost all patience, but am trying to remain as civil as possible. Finally, the first week in September, the foam heads are posted to her FA. I start gaining some hope that I may actually receive them. But no. To summarize all of September and now the beginning of October, the heads have been finished, but actually getting them to me has ranged from either no responses to inquiries, to 'I'll have them out tomorrow', to 'I have no boxes', to 'I have no ride.'. I've warned here in September that if this didn't get solved soon, I was taking it here.

Then I had to move, and sent her a notice of my new address. She confirms it, but they still haven't been shipped. I sent another Note yesterday asking if they'd been shipped (seeing as it's been over two months now since the original deadline), and she ignored it, but +faved new stuff a few hours ago.

I'm out over $140 from Isabella and have an (understandably) very upset customer. If necessary, I still have all the Notes, Paypal junk, etc. but really, I'd just like to receive these friggin heads. That's all.
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