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A Warning to Buyers

This one's about myself.

I'm great at getting things completed in a timely fashion. For example if you ask for a conbadge I usually have it done within a week, so that's not the problem. The problem here is I am HORRIBLE with shipping things. Yeah, your picture may be completed, but it may not be shipped for awhile.

Why is this? Firstly, I work all day and in the days I'm off work, I'm in school until 6 PM. I only have Sunday's off and wow..the post office is closed >_<
So I have to wait for a window of opportunity to do a mass mailing on a lunch break at work or if I happen to get home from school early. Granted, if you need something like "by christmas" I can oblige no problem, but with regular shipping I tend to collect them all together so I can send a bunch of commissions out at the same time. As of now I am, once again, behind on my shipping duties, so because of this I'm not going to take commissions again for awhile until I can get a handle on things. I probably should have done that a long time ago, but eh. I'm stupid like that.

So, apologies to anyone who has bought something from me, I do not forget who I owe stuff, I, once again, am just horrid when it comes to the shipping part of the deal. So, I apologize.
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