Kit DeLeesio (kamaka) wrote in artists_beware,
Kit DeLeesio

Aaaa, help!

This is more of a question/dilemma than a beware...

Back in 2008 sometime, I took a trade from someone where he made me a... well... shall I say a "ringtone based"? song. After he made me these he wanted a full color image of him and his mate cuddling naked. Well, I'd never drawn porny parts before, and after trying a couple of times and not liking it/not getting it right, I just decided that I was putting too much effort into this piece for what I was given.

By the time we got back in touch, he wasn't with that person anymore and had completely changed fursonas. ARG! So he wanted me to make him a reference sheet. Okay, I thought, still worth more than what you gave me, but whatever I will do it so he gets off my back. I tell him to send me a message on AIM in the next few days with the details and I would get on it. Weeks pass and he never IM'd me, or anything. I sent him a note telling me to just send me the descrip there, with no response.

Well, today, he sends me a note kinda just like "hey where's my trade" or something to that effect. I tell him that I am busy with work (which is true, I'm pulling 50 hour work weeks and have barely posted anything on my FA in the past couple of months). I offered to send him $10 over paypal. He declined and said he wanted art. So I offer a badge or a couple of chibi cards, as that is really all I have time to do right now. He declines again and says he still wants a ref sheet and if I don't have time to do so, to PAY SOMEONE ELSE to make him one.

I tell him that if he can find me a person that will draw a ref sheet for 10 dollars, I will do so, as that's what I find the songs worth, while referencing a friend of mine who takes $10 song commissions (who, IMO, makes killer songs in relation to this kid).

I'm awaiting a response now. If you'd like I can post images of what is transpiring, but at this point, I'm just frustrated and out of ideas. Am I out of line or baseless with this?

Thanks for reading...

EDIT: Sorry for sounding sort of snarky. I was pretty ticked off yesterday when this was written, because it was like I couldn't make a deal with him. And I did devalue him which is shitty, and I apologise for that.

In any case, I'm having a friend/frequent commissioner draw him up something that he will color later (that I'm fronting the cash for). Though, surprise surprise, he doesn't have a description or anything done for his character at all, and now we're both waiting for that.

I'm quite aware I dropped the ball on this, (see comments D: ) but I just wanted some honest opinions, and I thank you for that. :3
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