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Update on Cptn Buttz

An update on the following entry --  :

UPDATE - 2009 - 10 - 06

First:  Thank you, everybody, who helped me and Nica stay in contact with this guy.  It's been a frustrating ordeal for all sides, I'm sure.  It seems to be resolved.

Got hold of Astral / Buttz tonight on AIM.  Addresses have been sent, and he says badges will be sent out Saturday.  He also said tracking numbers will be given to me.  Anybody who badge commissioned him at AnthroCon has been offered half off a future commission.

Names on messenger have been changed for privacy.
Buttz is available (7:11:23 PM)
Me: Excuse me.
Auto-response: Buttz is not available (7:11:24 PM)
Work work work
Buttz: You're excused.
Me: Yes, well, I commissioned you at AnthroCon and I've been getting a bit jumpy waiting this while for my badge to come in.  I understand you've been without net for a while, but since you are on, may I pass my and my fiancée's addresses to you?
Buttz is away (7:12:59 PM)
Work work work
Buttz: Please do.  Might I ask who this is?  This is my first  time online in a couple months and I'm going through a tremendous backlog.
Me: This is Wovstah. My fiancée is NicaNightspots.
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:13:59 PM)
Work work work
Buttz: ah! Yes! Hi!
Me: Anyway -- We've been both dancing around with a bit of impatience (and what makes it worse for me is two other artists seem to be avoiding me by not answering e-mails... so it's been frustrating)
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:16:04 PM)
Work work work
Me: So, here's our addresses.
[Omitted for privacy]
Buttz: Listen, I could generate a thousand excuses between work, school, illness, the situation at the con, having to move, and so on.
Buttz: However.
Me: As I said, I understand.
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:18:04 PM)
Work work work
Buttz: The fact of the matter is that what should have taken me a day, at most 3, to complete, should never have taken me 3 months.
Me: Hey, sometimes we get down in the dirt.  A little communication helps.  But that's water under the bridge, and the addresses are with you now.
Buttz: To that end, although I cannot offer refunds in conjunction with finished work, you, your girl, and everyone else who took a badge commission from me is entitled to half off any commission from me in the future.  Guaranteed.
Buttz: thank you for the addresses.  Best I can do is get these out this SaturdayI'll email you the tracking numbers.
Me: Thank you very much.  [Omitted for privacy] is my e-mail and you can send them both to me and I can pass them on to Nica.
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:20:27 PM)
Work work work
Me: I'm sorry for being a bit pestering with the e-mails, but again, that's my fault and my own impatience and so forth.  We went searching for you.  Your friends were a big help in letting us know you were ok.
Me: In depth, that was our concern first and foremost - that you were ok.
Buttz: By no means are you pestering.
Buttz: You paid me for work to be completed.  You have a right to answers and I have an obligation to deliver.
Buttz: Only person who owes anyone an apology is me, to the two of you, and everyone else from AC.
Buttz: So I am sorry for the untoward span of time that has elapsed.
Me: Again, it's alright.
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:24:07 PM)
Work work work
Me: It's being taken care of now, and I appreciate that it will be done.
Me: I appreciate your time put into this and your understanding.
Buttz: Its my fault.  You'll get your badges sent come Saturday.
Me: Thank you very much,.
Auto-response: Buttz is away (7:26:48 PM)
Work work work
Buttz: Of course. You're very welcome.

Nica and I still have been waiting very patiently for these badges (commissioned back in early July at AnthroCon), but that patience is wearing thin.  I've been in contact with a friend of Cptn Buttz [AstralAbortion (FA name)].  I did this because Buttz has not been online (supposedly) to check his e-mail nor his FA.  Writing directly to him has no effect.

I had sent several e-mails and several FA notes since the convention.  I thought maybe the e-mails got lost among others and sent about one per week, but gave up after about the 5th and apologized for sending so many and for being impatient.  None of the FA notes, however, have been checked.  We had left my cellphone number with Buttz at the con and he hasn't even left a voice mail--not even at the con to let us know where he was with Nica's finished badge.

According to the friend I noted, they texted Buttz, and he said all the badges were done (which Nica and I already knew).  He just needed to send them out.   Nica and I even offered to pay extra shipping to have them sent priority.  We were told they'd possibly be sent out Monday, September 7th.  We still have no badges, physical nor digital image.


The initial note I sent to said friend:

Sent By: WishingStar On: September 4th, 2009 10:26

This is one of his commissioners that posted on LJ, you mentioned you were a friend, and well, if you have contact with him, would it be possible to give him my and my fiance's street addresses so he can send out our badges?

We know it's been difficult for him with his move and he most likely doesn't have internet at the moment (still), but we want to forgo the seeing-before-mailed thing and just have the physical badges.

Even if it takes paying an extra $5 to have them sent priority, we'll do it (but not until we're told they've been sent).

No pressure on you though, and no pressure on him. We're just breaking down trying to get hold of him and get this settled since we did pay for them.

Thank you very much,
Star / Wovstah (and on behalf of Nica Nightspots)

They said they hadn't talked to him in a month or so and said they'd give him a call.  I thanked them and later got this note below.

Sent By: "Friend': On: September 5th, 2009 11:41

I texted him earlier this evening. He says that he doesn't have internet right now, and he said he could possibly scan and send out the badges on Monday, but he says all the badges are done. Just passing on the message :3 Maybe toss him a note or an email?


Buttz's journal on FA from right after AnthroCon reads he was going to send out the badges in a few days.  As seen above, his friend said he'd send out the badges soon. October 4th will make three months since these badges were commissioned.  October 15th(ish) will be three months since completion date of mine (according to Buttz's FA journal he would have them all finished soon. [Nica's was finished at the con and we couldn't track him down even though we gave him my cellphone number so he could contact us -- which he did not.]).

I can understand a month of trying to get pre-made art out to the commissioners, but three months and counting is starting to itch me.  We understand Buttz had a hard time at and after the con.  We understand he is without internet.  Seriously, though, the 'within the next few days' promise has worn off, and why not go to a public computer to check e-mail?  I have tried to be patient, but I know two completed badges are just setting around his house (among other people's badges) and we would like them in our hands in exchange for our money. We both were charged $40 USD, $42.80 when tax was added.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as impatient or nagging -- but I kind of am.  If anybody is in contact with this guy, please let him know we're sorry for pestering, but we would like our badges.  Please, please, please send them out when you have some spare time, Buttz!

PS:  I received one finished commission and am waiting on sketches from two others from my own previous journal... both of which were commissioned the same day as Buttz.... I will keep you guys updated with that one if I've not received anything by Christmas.  I've been in direct contact with the remaining two artists, so I'm not as jumpy as the Buttz situation.
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