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Fraud, theft, or laziness?

I'm unsure if this would be the right place to post this, but if anyone would know how to handle this, I believe the fine folks here would

So I've been in correspondence with an artist recently  over some work I've long since paid for, now before anyone gets on a high horse saying the usual lines of not having time etc etc, work etc etc. that shit i can understand if the one who took payment keeps in contact and gives honest updates.

But it has been a year and I keep getting excuses(I've found several other commissionier of this artist have the same issue) yet they have put up art from others, that seems to be from close knit groups in their irc channels in the recent weeks. So, what should I do? Approach them, knowing I'll be given some lame excuse more than likely. Hit paypal and make a charge for fraud? Though I'm not sure if that'll float, granted the art in question is not adult in nature. Or do I hope and pray for their sense of decency and fairness to show and get the money I invested in them back?

I'm not really sure how this works beyond insert money, wait for art patiently, pray artist keeps in contact.
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