Johnny Blanco (johnnyblanco) wrote in artists_beware,
Johnny Blanco

Ok, alot of people have seen this site and have gotten rightfully pissed that their favorite art is on it.

But johnny, you cry. I am just a furry.. what can I do to help. Read on. This is a statement from Sex Key:


We have received your e mail regarding claimed stolen images/content. One thing that should be pointed out is that all sites on our system are owned and operated by person(s) other than SexKey. We do not control any of the content. We have the capability of denying access through our banner scripts to any site on our system not allowing the affiliate to utilize our services until the content is removed.

We have a set procedure to follow for any and all complaints. Our Company respects the intellectual property rights of others and asks users of our services to do the same.

The following link is a link to our DMCA Policy

This is the action that we utilize for all copyright issues found on our site. What I would need from you is the actual url that the images are located on, please list the urls for all images (including jpg) if it is more than one. Please answer all questions that coincide with our posted DMCA policy and we will be able to address the issue right away

By filling out the DMCA you claim to own the content in question or have the authority to speak on the owners behalf. Specifics are helpful if it is more than one image as you say.

Bob D

SexKey Affiliate Compliance

Have artists complete the steps above.. and wala! This shit'll get yanked faster than you can say Kanye West is a Gay fish! ;)

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