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Anyone know what's going on with ChapperIce on FA?

Hey guys.

Not really a beware. Just a concern, I guess? Has anyone spoken with ChapperIce (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/chapperice) recently?

I paid her for an icon August 10th. It was only $5, but I really excited to get it because the ones I'd seen of hers were *so* cute. She showed me a sketch and everything and it seemed great (http://i27.tinypic.com/28clkau.png).

After that she sort of just disappeared? It seemed like she'd been having some trouble at home and maybe some financial problems? I sent her a message a few weeks ago asking her where she'd gotten with it, and the message is marked read in my outbox so I know she got it. No reply though. So I sent her a message again tonight, although it looked like she hadn't logged on in at least a few weeks. I noticed her AIM ID was listed on her page, so I sent her a quick IM basically saying the same thing as I said in the message (just wondering where it was, and that if she was too busy to do it right now it was no big deal - I'd just appreciate the $5 back because I'm a poor college student, haha). She was logged on and not idle or anything, it just seemed like she was ignoring the message. :/

So, yeah. Just wondering if anyone had heard from her lately and/or knows what's up. I really don't mean to rush her at all if she's busy, I would've just appreciated an update.
Tags: artist-chapperice, lost contact

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