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The tables turned... Who do you think are good commissioners?

I know this community is mainly used to warn against /bad/ commissioners/artists.
But I decided to make a positive post, since many of you have experience commissioning things (or even offering commissions yourselves) I'm curious as to who you guys think are great commissioners or artists!

Who would you recommend? Who's your favorite? and what sort of great experiences have you had with the person?

I say this in addition to satisfied curiosity, I'm also considering a two character drawing commission (hopefully in time for Valentine's day, and if not then, by March 1st) and I'm just tryin' to do some homework as to who people would recommend for their commendable and buisnesslike qualities, among others, of course.

Even though I've done a few commissions for other's before (mostly costume commissions, though one or two art commissions as well), I've only ever asked for 1 commission of two conbadges before. They were done by neogeen who did an extremely good job. And I'd recommend her anyday. :3

Thanks. :D

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