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How long is too long?

First, thanks everybody who helped me and my fiance Nica locate Astral Abortion. We're still waiting for our badges, but we have contact through a friend of his so we can stay updated (thank you very much).

I commissioned other artists during AC [July 2 - 5], and they have their reasons for why I've yet to see progress. This leads me to the following question:

How long is too long to wait even for a premier sketch? I paid anywhere from $35 - $50+ for these commissions, and I've yet to see anything. When (if I end up having to) should I ask for a refund? I have kept my AnthroCon receipts, so I know exactly how much to get back just in case.

All artists in question are active, are in contact, have been paid, and have references.

Edit:  In response to a suggestion here, I asked one of the artists if they needed my references again.  They said "yes, please."  So maybe that will result in something. ^_^' I guess they were a bit embarrassed.

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