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AAaaargh! I now have a negative feedback from Marjory_warrenne on Furbid because of the Seafoam kitty hat.
Yes, the one SHE ended a month ago with "buy it now" and then never paid for.

The negative feedback?
Left by Marjory_warrenne on Fri Jan 21 10:19:08 2005 for "Seafoam / White kitty hat" (furwear1103961101)
Reason given:
Lied to and item was put back up for sale with out my knowing.

Lied to? And I quote, from an email dated 1/3/05: I'm expecting that payment WILL be in the mail today, or the item is being relisted and I am leaving negative feedback, as it has now been two weeks since you agreed to buy this item. -Maly

I emailed Furbid's administrator, I don't really know what else to do. So frustrated.
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