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Not a beware post, but a question (turnet into beware after all)

So I have a question regarding one's own commission rules and etiquette in general.

The commissioner http://www.furaffinity.net/user/k9tanegsd
And the work I did for him http://www.furaffinity.net/full/2701441/

A month ago I have received one commission request, where a user asked for a 2-character picture with plain background. No specifications about lights, shadows, bg, atmosphere. In other words - nothing at all. In these cases I treat requests like that as "artist's free choice".
So I've finished and sent it to the commissioner. Later I've received a complain regarding the dark colors. I've tried to explain the situation that, firstly, such colors are highly linked with the picture's atmosphere, secondly, I've picked them from the previous picture of the same character, thirdly, they (the colors) look okay on my and other monitors.
And after it the commissioner, so to say, threatened me to tell his friends and etc not to commission me at all, because I'm a bad artist, egoist, lazy, obliged to do everything because the commissioner paid me and other things like that.
All in all, I've sent him the corrected version (after all) but the accusations haven't ended with that. The user also uploaded an edited version of my original picture with smeared colors and cut nose despite that I have a rules page where is clearly said that I only edit the sketches and I am not responsible for any information which has not be provided before I started coloring.

And here is the main point of my post. What should i do to make those people stop gossiping behind my back? Or I just have to try and forget about them? I'm not a pro-artist and don't have any real job yet, so I can only rely on commissions for a matter of time.


It seems that the user or the staff have removed the edited submission. No replies in the "open tickets" section, so I'm not sure.
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