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Vorelorn/Ragnarok/flight_of_dragons1987/etc., etc...

Okay. I usually don't talk about commissioners. I generally don't have issues with commissioners that aren't easily remedied. I usually don't have complaints about commissioners that aren't small, petty things.

However... I've been urged by many friends to post this so people know that this guy is quite the harasser.

I took a commission from someone on #furaffinity before the first of the month because I needed the money and they were going to pay with a money order. Considering my Paypal was fucked at that time, I figured that would be a good plan. We discussed commission details over IRC and they ended up getting a little 3x4 inch art card. $15, not a large sum or anything.

They would chat with me over AIM about the piece and then checked in daily to see if I'd recieved the money order. Cool, cool. I don't mind that. Once I told them I'd gotten the money order, however, they proceeded to IM me AT LEAST once a day (usually more) asking if I had a sketch down yet. Eventually, yes, I did send the sketch to them.

Then I went to PA for the weekend and I'd been house-busy most of the last week and then I just got the new computer and the scanner isn't cooperating with Vista yet so I'm not even able to scan things.

In the meantime of all of this, I'd set my Trillian to invisible. Two reasons, because I was sick of hearing from this person every day about their commission and I didn't want a bunch of IMs while I was setting things up, but I still wanted to talk to a few people.

Today they managed to slip past my invisible filter under a different screen name.

deliah_skunkette: hello there?
Ally the Sparkly: Hi?
deliah_skunkette: oh, there you are.
deliah_skunkette: why are you invisible? :P
Ally the Sparkly: Getting ready to head out and do errands.
Ally the Sparkly: Also, updating a new computer.
deliah_skunkette: Ah, well how's that commission coming? :P
Ally the Sparkly: I gotta fix his hair up AND get my scanner working with Vista. D:
deliah_skunkette: I was worried you robbed me blind. X3
Ally the Sparkly: Oh, no no. XD I was out of town for a minute there, then I just bought a new comp. So I've been fighting with learning a new OS and getting everything installed and working.
deliah_skunkette: XD So I'll be seeing you more often then?
Ally the Sparkly: Hopefully, yes! XD
deliah_skunkette: X3 Hopefully.
deliah_skunkette: So anything new on the picture?
deliah_skunkette: Or still in the sketch phase?
Ally the Sparkly: I'm always around somewhere, even if I'm not on AIM.
Ally the Sparkly: Once I fix the hair I'll get it scanned for you so you can okay it, then inking. Which is pretty quick.
deliah_skunkette: Then the coloring, funfun. :P
deliah_skunkette: What do you think of it? :P
Ally the Sparkly: I think it's coming out pretty nice. Which is always a good thing because I'm not used to drawing dragons.
deliah_skunkette: Might order more... do you do pornz? I forgot. XD
deliah_skunkette: Meep? Busy again?
deliah_skunkette: Meep... gone again!
deliah_skunkette: Did you like vanish that quickly?


While I was out, I got five more IMs from this person under different names.

nature_within: -Pokes!- :P

furry_in_need_of_discipline: Hola! X)

shy_gyrl85: ::MUAH::
shy_gyrl85: Hey

flight_of_dragons1987: It's like you never answer me, but I can't tell if you're on or not....
flight_of_dragons1987: Just makes me think more and more you're jipping me. ;-;

foxxy_beauty_natasha: hi there!


I've never had a customer more annoying. Seriously. It's making me want to toss $15 in an envelope with what I finished of their commission and just send it back and wash my hands clean of it.

Then, after asking me TWICE if I was 'back' yet (I hadn't returned on AIM, at least), I get...

nature_within: >>;

stardust_x13x: Why hallo thar! X3


[09:49] flight_of_dragons1987: o.=.o
[09:49] flight_of_dragons1987: Dragons!
[09:49] flight_of_dragons1987: They're scaly and stuff.
[11:43] flight_of_dragons1987: So oblivious!
[11:43] flight_of_dragons1987: What's up? Systems up and running yet?
[11:58] flight_of_dragons1987: Anyways, please get a hold of me whenever you come online hon..
[20:04] flight_of_dragons1987: >> Ugh, are you ever going to come back online or what? xD
[00:55] flight_of_dragons1987: o.=.o
[01:02] flight_of_dragons1987: Still no word from you...
[04:39] flight_of_dragons1987: Hello?

[09:53] anthro_stallion_tallus: hello!

[11:53] vixen_silvan_sky: hi there! :)

[18:43] draco_prince: anyone alive over there? :P

[04:07] ragnarok_maximus_nova: <_<

[04:39] wolf_anthro_tom: p.p
[04:51] wolf_anthro_tom: >>;

[04:52] dragon_rangarok: It worries me when I don't hear from you for days on end...


I was gone Saturday morning. I was out of town ALL DAY and didn't get back home until late afternoon the following day.

I logged in FA today to see I had a note...

Sent By: Vorelorn On: August 30th, 2009 02:18

I've left numerous messages on both your mobile device and YIM and I've yet to hear from you at all. If there's a problem let me know, I don't appreciate the fact that with the way everything has been going, you're coming off as a scammer. I do hope it's just the fact you've got a really busy life, but somehow I don't believe that keeps you from at least LOOKING at your mobile device now and then...

This reminded me that I have my AIM set up to bounce to my phone when I'm not logged in or when something FUBARs with my computer. This works for if I'm bounced off the net and chatting with someone. However, I don't reply back to IMs that go to my phone.

Fri, Aug 28 12:40PM
Horse Eternal: Least you appear online on AIM. :P

Sat, Aug 29 02:34AM
[02:34AM] Horse Eternal: Hi there?
[02:34AM] Horse Eternal: This is Vorelorn by the way. Flight_of_Dragons 1987. Incase you're wondering! Hope to talk to you soon
[12:29PM] Horse Eternal: Ok, I'm a little annoyed.. I haven't heard from you on AIM or YIM...
[06:00PM] Horse Eternal: >>;; Hello, will you ever answer my messages?..
[01:24AM] Horse Eternal: Ok, I'm starting to get really pissed off... you're going out of your way to ignore me obviously and I want to know why?
[02:10AM] Horse Eternal: Whatever, freaking scammer..
[04:03AM] Horse Eternal: Ugh, just nevermind everything I said. I'm just in a pissy mood... I hope you'll contact me soon whenever you get a chance. ._.


[02:01] jurale_stormrider_of_tempest: Hi there.
[02:01] jurale_stormrider_of_tempest: Are you EVER going to speak to me again?
[02:01] jurale_stormrider_of_tempest: Or was I scammed?

[02:06] ragnarock_shenwong: If you don't say something soon, I'll make sure to report you as a Scammer on Furaffinity and other related websites. I can't see how it's taking a week to get back to me being as I've left numerous messages on YIM and as well as AIM.

[02:08] furry_in_need_of_discipline: So yuh, get back to me soon
[02:10] furry_in_need_of_discipline: Every day that goes by without a word from you, the more inclined I'll be to report you as a scammer.

[04:19] homosexual_dragon: Just ignore everything I've said lately. I've been acting like an asshole and very impatiant.. I just have a lot on me and I'm sure you have plenty on you and don't need to the added stress! Hope you'll forgive me. Talk to you soon hopefully! - Vorelorn! n.=.n'

[07:38] shadow_runner360: Morning?
[07:39] shadow_runner360: Hope to catch you online sometime! x.x;

And, bounced to my phone yesterday while at school:

Horse Eternal: Hey there hon, you doing ok? A little worried since I heaven't heard from you in days...
Horse Eternal: Hello?
Horse Eternal: Still haven't heard from you in days...

Refund is sent out. I added this little note in the card with the unfinished commission:

[ click to fullview ]

Also sent in a note on FA from myself:
After constant badgering and IMing me, despite my telling you that I've been very busy preparing for school and my scanner not cooperating with Vista (which makes it very difficult to scan artwork up), I am refunding (in the form of a money order, as is the same you paid me with) most of your commission money ($10 out of the $15, as I had done a sketch that I'm keeping the other $5 for). You will recieve the unfinished commission plus the money order in the mail shortly.

I do not appreciate being called a scammer or being expected to work on a piece at ones beck and call. I did my best to be patient with you at first, but after the incessant harassment, I've decided that your purchase is not worth the stress it has given me.

Theses are in order of how I posted them in my LiveJournal. The top ones being the earliest on the 26th of August. I have logs of the inital commission conversation, but they're on my other computer at the moment. It was normal back and forth about what he wanted and what I could do. There was never an issue with the commission ITSELF, just the way this guy acted.

Apparently, he has been telling people I'm a scammer, as well. Which I am not. I have many completed commissions under my belt and a queue of ones being worked on. I have NEVER had this sort of issue before. Yes, I'll admit that I do tend to take some time on pieces. I'm very picky about quality and if I can put out a piece of work that is comparable (or even better) to my personal work, I feel like I'm not giving the customer what they're paying for. But I've never, ever in all my years taking artwork commissions, been harassed so incessantly like this.

Also, I got this note today:

RE: Commission Refund
Sent By: Vorelorn On: September 3rd, 2009 02:15

I agree hon, it was unneeded... I was just worried because as it is I'm very short on money and I didn't hear anything.. and you wouldn't respond... I figured that you would have at least left a message sometime. I hope you'll forgive me, and maybe even do another sometime knowing that I am admitting to my pestering, bothering and what not. Do take care and I hope everything starts working for you soon hon.

Hope you'll reply back soon... and hopefully we can work something out next time.. if you'll even consider it.

I understand wanting to know what's up with something you paid for, but there's a line crossed when you're asking EVERY DAY.

I got this just now, upon checking my FA. I had not replied to his other note because, well, I just haven't yet. I'd prefer to write up a proper response because sometimes I just ramble on without a point. But the impatience of this guy outweighs the politeness he's giving me.

RE:RE: Commission Refund
Sent By: Vorelorn On: September 3rd, 2009 11:24

If anything, just please accept my apology if you can do anything else for me. I've been feeling bad for everything I said and it'd do me some good. Anyways... hopefully I'll hear back from you soon hon.
Tags: beware, comm-vorelorn/ragnarok/flight_of_dragons

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