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Not sure what this will do, but definitely worth a shot

UPDATE: Issue resolved. Got my book, and some money back! Rock!

To begin, my gripe is with <a href="">OpiumRevolution</a>

I ran into this artist at Anthrocon, specifically July 4th.  I was starting a new sketchbook, and had gotten some sketches from some artists I really liked.  I contracted her out for a holiday theme piece, and paid up front, as was the practice of artist's alley there.  She said she would start on it that afternoon and have it ready by Sunday.  I gave her my contact info, and also put it in my notebook.

Sunday passed, with no contact.  I managed to find the artist's DA and FA accounts. For the record, they are the same.

I reached out to the artist via FA on July 5th, receiving a reply the next day indicating it would be shipped out by July 7th.  I offered to pay for the shipping, but the seller declined, saying they would cover it.  This was the last contact I heard from them.

I have contacted them since on July 18th and 22nd, as well as August 7th and 26th, without response.  The most recent was to warn her I would be making this public.  

At this point, I'd be so happy to just get my dang book back.  Hope  no one else got burnt like I did.

UPDATE: I got contact from the seller today-  She says she's been swamped with commissions-I'm waiting on the book, but giving her seven business days from Monday in order to get the book to me, but pending contact.
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