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Etsy Site with Stolen Art!

Just a quick warning to all artists about this Etsy shop:

This person is stealing art to put on her products... and offering the digital "High Resolution" prints for people to download and use wherever they want.

One of my friends contacted her about the matter today, and she removed one listing claiming that she wasn't aware of where her "business partners" got the image but claims that she is selling her own digital artwork.

I know I would be upset if I found someone making money off of my art like this, so just spread the word and if you see the art of someone you know on there, let them know.

Edit: Well, apparently there has been some progress. A lot of the art stolen from well known artists has been removed (either by etsy or by herself... I don't know).
It does resolve a bit of the issue... but personally I know it's not a case of "Oops, I didn't know", since she clearly knew what she was doing. I would have prefered to have seen her account banned. It may still be... who knows.

Anyways... a good amount of the stolen artwork has already been sold... so I wouldn't be surprised if there were some legal issues surrounding this person in the near future.
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