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Sharaww - Wolfacabra

 Hey all. Not trying to trash anyone, but hoping someone can put me in contact w/ the artist Sharaww. She had a site, wolfacabra.com, and offered in her LJ animated icons. I requested and paid for one on May 6th of 2009. Was told I'd get it in a few days. 


Tried contacting her a few times through her LJ, first time was told life had been crazy and she was having computer troubles. i told her don't worry, I understand, cuz I do. Was told it would be done soon. 

Waited some more.

Tried her LJ again. No response. 

Long story short, it's now nearly 4 months later, wolfacabra.com is no more, she's not responding to her LJ...I've looked to see if she has a DA page, and couldn't find any listing.

Anyone know where she is? I was excited about the icon, and it was only 7 bucks, (I paid 8$ to cover paypal and tip a bit) so not out a ton of money, but the fact remains that I paid for art and have not gotten it. The artist has disappeared, and I have no way to contact them or even request a refund if the art isn't done. I mean, I'd rather have the icon, her examples were really cute, but if I'm not getting the art I'd kinda like my money back, which I don't think is unreasonable.


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