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A Question.

A month or two ago, I took a couple of badge commissions. One customer ordered two badges from me for $10 each plus $2 for shipping, for a total of $22.

The long and the short of this situation is that the commissioner is the fiancee of a friend of mine, and since the time of the commission we have had a bit of a falling out and she and her fiancee are no longer speaking to me. At this point one badge is finished, and I intend to refund the price of the second one - however I have no way to mail these items to the customer. I've left two instant message reminders, to no reply. I've attempted to send an e-mail to the address that was attached to the Pay-pal they paid from (which had no mailing address associated with it) only to have it bounce. Attempting to send the client a note on Fur Affinity asking for a way to get these items to them yields that they have blocked me.

So, what would be the best option in this situation? Obviously I am trying to make right on my half of the transaction, but this person is making it impossible for me to send their badge and refund along to them. I have no intent to sully these people's names, thus why I haven't named anyone -- other than this they were quite pleasant to work with. I really would like to just get these things taken care of so that I can wash my hands of them since they are being so terribly unreasonable.

If by chance you are the person involved and you do read this, please e-mail me at pyrithia -at- gmail -dot- com with either an address to ship this badge and partial refund to, or a statement that you do not want them and are refusing refund and delivery.
Tags: advice for artists, discussion, lost contact
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