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Rosiel-kun, Ratt, Kageookami

-sigh- Really didn't want to have to do this, but I may as well. Avoid commissioning Rosiel-kun, aka Ratt. She's apparently one of those people who does the work, then does not send it out. Likes to blame her post office because "someone once sent a bomb around christmas-time," so now nothing ever leaves her city. I guess they just take the mail and dump it into a black hole or something. Can't provide any sort of tracking number, insurance, anything like that.

Traded two badges and some money for a tail, which I finished like two days later. She needed it for an event, so I went ahead and sent it off (she'd already paid the monetary part of the trade), then a while later I get a low-res photo of the badges, but never get the badges themselves. I may be able to fiddle with things in photoshop and clear up the images so that I can print them out and laminate them myself, but I'm annoyed enough that I don't think I want to wear her art. :\

furaffinity (defunct)
Also on y! gallery as "LittleStarfish" but I have no idea what that is, nor how to link it.

EDIT: To answer a couple of questions, the trade was initiated in February. I did go back and reread a few things, and I messed up the dates. She finished the badges a few days after the trade was agreed upon, and I finished the tail on March 9 and sent it off around the same time she mailed the badges off. The tail arrived, the badges did not. So I asked her about it in May, and she said that she had sent them off, and that they "weren't at the post office anymore," so they were "probably sitting at a customs office somewhere." Even though... there are no customs offices when you mail in-country. And I assume that if she knew they weren't at her post office, she sent them with delivery confirmation. She also did mention that her post office frequently takes forever to mail things out.

When I told her about their non-arrival, she said she would remake the badges and send them via UPS. I told her to at least get a tracking number on it this time. So around June I ask her about it again, because we had a con coming up, and I wanted to wear it. She says she sent them off UPS (which means her crappy post office could be avoided) and it should arrive before the con, at the beginning of July. Never arrives. So I guess I kinda give up.

EDIT: This has since been resolved. She contacted me to let me know that the badges never did get sent off, but she promised that she would get them to me. They arrived not long after. She has informed me that she's aware that she has a lot of trouble mailing things out and keeping deadlines, so apparently she won't be doing commissions anymore.
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