Pash (grandioze) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact: Lazeros

I have a friend who commissioned the artist Lazeros for a conbadge at Furry Weekend Atlanta about 5 months ago. He paid the full $20 dollars for the badge at the con and originally intended on picking up the badge by the end of the con. She told him on Sunday she'd have it finished the next day (Monday) for him to pick up. He got there to see the hotel staff cleaning up the Dealer's Den.

On March 23rd, she sent him the following note:
He responded to the note with his college address.

Six weeks passed, and he sent her another note saying that his address had changed (no longer at college). She did not respond to the note.

Mid-July, four months after the con, he sent her another note asking for a status update on his conbadge.
All three notes have gone unread so far.

He still has not seen the finished badge.
Does anyone know of a better way to contact Lazeros? Thank you for any and all help in this matter. :D
Tags: artist-lazeros/shesta/inkpaw, resolved
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