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Captain Buttz, Where art thou?

This year at Anthrocon, I went around Artist Alley and found myself admiring the works of one particular artist. He called himself Cpt. Buttz, aka astralabortion on FA, aka exodite dragon...

Anyways, I commissioned himself for a $45 badge, which i've seen -once- near completion during the con. However, it seemed that keeping track of him was next to impossible, so I ended up leaving empty handed from the convention without my badge. The last I heard and seen of him was about the last day of the convention, assuring me that all he needed to do with laminate the badge and it would be ready. And he also told me that he would be in the Zoo that night, just so I can pick it up...

I haven't seen, heard or had any contact with him since.

It's now August 4th, its well over weeks now, and he hasn't sent a single note or even READ any notes on FA. This is greatly angering me and I wondered if anyone else has commissioned him has the same problem too.

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