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I got toyed around with on ebay by Rex, a lot to read.

This post is being made as a warning to anyone who might want to do business with this person. He has toyed around with me and my friend and come up with stories to back up his own. I have posted emails from both sides so you can see the email tags we had to do back and forth to get any information from this guy. If frazzle wants to add the notes he sent back and forth with him he will do so (I just do not have access to them).

This is the story with email conversations I had with Rex, the person who bid on 2 otters that were made by Frazzle and given to me to sell after FC. Both otters were posted the month of June 2009 . As always, I rather post on ebay because it is a lot easier to do so and much safer than furbid or furbuy. So this is what happened. As always, when someone bids on an auction in any auction site it is a good idea or at least common knowledge to pay no later than 2 days after the auction has ended. That way the seller does not worry about if they are going to get paid or not.

The happy otter auction ended in June the 4th of 2009. I had to fight with Rex a few times to get payment out of him to pay for an auction. Again, if you bid on something I do not need to shake the money out of you. Serious bidders rule you know? But this was a bit different. Here are my emails concerning the first otter. Take in mind these are all ebay emails back and forth, if anyone needs to see screen shots instead of just copy and pastes by me I can gladly do so as I have nothing to hide in this situation.

My first email I got worried and told him I needed payment. I did not see him email me back or anything so I demanded payment as soon as possible, this was his first email to me.

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