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This post is being made as a warning to anyone who might want to do business with this person. He has toyed around with me and my friend and come up with stories to back up his own. I have posted emails from both sides so you can see the email tags we had to do back and forth to get any information from this guy. If frazzle wants to add the notes he sent back and forth with him he will do so (I just do not have access to them).

This is the story with email conversations I had with Rex, the person who bid on 2 otters that were made by Frazzle and given to me to sell after FC. Both otters were posted the month of June 2009 . As always, I rather post on ebay because it is a lot easier to do so and much safer than furbid or furbuy. So this is what happened. As always, when someone bids on an auction in any auction site it is a good idea or at least common knowledge to pay no later than 2 days after the auction has ended. That way the seller does not worry about if they are going to get paid or not.

The happy otter auction ended in June the 4th of 2009. I had to fight with Rex a few times to get payment out of him to pay for an auction. Again, if you bid on something I do not need to shake the money out of you. Serious bidders rule you know? But this was a bit different. Here are my emails concerning the first otter. Take in mind these are all ebay emails back and forth, if anyone needs to see screen shots instead of just copy and pastes by me I can gladly do so as I have nothing to hide in this situation.

My first email I got worried and told him I needed payment. I did not see him email me back or anything so I demanded payment as soon as possible, this was his first email to me.

"Dear latinvixen02,

Relax please, i don't check email on the weekends. Give me a phone number to call on Monday and a good time to call and this can be worked out.

My primary phone is hooked to a computer during the week, but I can call on a seperate phone.

I'll call tomorrow, that is probably the fastest way to settle this? I said I didn't have a problem paying...you just have to wait until Monday.

-Rex (phone when it isn't hooked to a computer, xxxxxxxx"

So he wanted me to call him but all my contact info was already on ebay and paypal. Specially when paypal gives you all the info when you press the pay now button, even if you do not pay that way it is all there. Once you buy something you pretty much have everything handy no matter what so it is easier for both of us. Maybe it was my fault at first for not calling but I have never had to call anyone after an ebay auction as everything is listed to avoid having to speak to people on the phone (I rather have email evidence of what was said).

"need to know how best payment is to be made. If you bank with 'Bank of America' I can just transfer funds, or check, or paypal or etc.

Also, I would perfer to pick it up at a location (possibly Disney since that is near your location) since I have had too much stuff stolen that was supposidly signed for, but no one signed for it since I was at work. Had this happened earlier, it could have been at the Elliotts thing last week for example.


It says on the auction preferred payment is paypal if nothing else is listed. I give people the option to send via check or money order as well, I always tell them this via email just in case they do not like paypal or do not have it. But as default and it is clearly stated on the bottom and top of the auction that paypal is just fine with me always. As for local pick up, that was never listed on the auction, I do so for safety reasons (plus no paypal insurance if you do so). I was not sure why, apart that he is local why he wanted to meet there. I know I can send stuff via UPS and get it there no prob, signed and such and protected.

"Dear foxtrot3,

Not sure why you need my phone all I need is payment and that is it :). If payment is coming in on monday then perfect I can wait until then.


- latinvixen02"

So I waited for the payment to come in on Monday. I sent this email along with the other right after to make sure he was informed about the payment situation no matter what. He was using email and replying so I thought he was listening and wanting to do stuff correctly. I had nothing to be worried about just yet. At first I thought, hey he must of been busy getting back to his emails or something happened with mis communication, but you will see where it all goes from here.

"Payments can be done via check or money order and even paypal if you wanted. Check works for me just write it to valentina caicedo or money order. That way we can avoid the paypal fees. As for pick up I am sorry I cannot do that at the moment, being I am prepping for an upcoming convention so I am very busy can can't leave the house. I can ship it UPS with tracking so you can tell where it is and what time it will arive, being it is florida, central florida it should be overnight so don't worry about it too much.

Keep me posted

So then I get this email when I see no money, I start to worry. I knew and I checked it a few times that paypal shows my address and so does ebay, once the winning bidder has won the auction. I was sure he was savy enough to figure out how stuff worked when he had 810 feedback to his name. But I guess not.

"Dear latinvixen02,

You said you wanted to save the paypal fees, but you offered no address to send to. I asked for a phone number to call so this could have been settled yesterday instead of playing email tag. I am trying to settle this, but the email tag isn't working. I am not sure what the big deal with getting the necessary information over the phone and answering any questions in real time? I can just ask ebay for the information, but it shouldn't be that hard. I hope you can understand that this isn't $10 I am sending to a known shopping center with shopping protections. Instead this is someone I have tried to speak to before and you refused to even answer let alone to say 'hi' at some public gathering...so to send a large amount of money to someone who only answers an email because I owe some money is a bit of a concern. I said I would pay, I said I would send a check since you didn't want the paypal fees, but no payment address was given. I just find the situation upsetting :(

- foxtrot3"

He is pinning all this on me not calling him to verify stuff, when he was answering emails and could of asked to double check some stuff if he really needed (I do not like phone calls for the whole reason you cannot keep track of what you say and there is no record. I refuse to do business on the phone as you never know what was agreed on, it all becomes hearsay).. Again, I have never ever had to call anyone to finish a transaction when you can easily pay via paypal. When my information is easy enough to find via ebay, paypal and my website. I do not try to hide, I make it easy for people to pay me, very easy.

Then I get this email, which was fine, I was ok with him paying me via paypal. I had only mentioned the saving fees once, but either way I did not mind how the money came in it be via paypal or check or money order I just wanted to get paid and get the costume out of here.

"Dear latinvixen02,

If no information is given, then I will have to send by paypal. Again, I tried to save you money like you had requested, but with no information to send to, that is the only option you have given me. :(

- foxtrot3"

I sent this email in return. I was already upset about this situation and wanting an end to this that day.

"Dear foxtrot3,

Woah there excuse me? This is just an auction all I ask is for you to pay in full and call this done. I am not here to meet up with people or call people (I am extremely busy and email is what works for me, plus I never gave the option of local pick up for a reason). Enough info has been provided via the auction to send payment. Right now all I would like is paypal, which the address is fully typed up on the auction to finish this payment today (paypal is xxxx@xxx.xxx ). I need to send this payment to the owner of the otter, hence why I have been so pushy about getting the money in. I am sorry if this has upset you but I cannot see why. This is just a transaction, I have been waiting days to get payment which has not arrived yet.

Please just please send full payment via paypal today to resolve this and overnight this to your place.


Then he emails me this:


I could have settled this Friday afternoon if payment information was given and if there was a need to hold the costume for a person who could actually use it since it will probably sitting in a box collecting dust for undetermined amount of time. You say you are extremely busy (I have two jobs and various medical appointments, I am extremly busy myself), but I requested a phone number and a time which was best to contact you so that this could be completed in the quickest time (which would have been yesterday, about three days after the auction, and I would not be writing this today) since all questions could be answered instead of the time delay that email causes. Also, it is reasonable to at least confirm transaction details before sending almost $3,000 to someone that does not give an address or other contact information other than an email address. I have been ripped off enough with small items, I don't need to have $3k thrown in the trash. For someone I do not know to demand payment, from a group known to do bad deals on a routine basis, and offer only an email address as well as refuse to even verify the information by a phone call (many business transactions are completed by phone calls) makes the trust factor extremely low. Why don't you send out the package and I pay you when I verify that the items have been received? In that case, at least you know where the item went to a physical address, I am not even offered a phone number to contact if something goes wrong. Since I work two jobs and am not home too often as well as I can't get mail where I work...kind of makes talking out the details on the phone a lot easier huh? Since a lot of my packages that are left at the door are stolen, having this left at the door is not an option, again this would have been a lot easier to understand over the phone. I don't need to talk to you for some hidden need to have you be my friend or anything like that, just business detail needs. For example, since it wasn't sent out yesterday, I won't even be close to being able to pick up a package until Monday evening and anything sent out this week will just be returned. Do you understand why a phone call would have been extremely helpful?


Wait what? Since when do I do bad deals? With who, we don't know each other :/

All this because I did not call him when all my info kept staring him in the face the entire auction no matter what, ebay will even give you my cell as it is listed for you to use. So he makes it into a guilt trip that it is all my fault when the shinny paypal button has been there the whole time, ready to be clicked. As for packages getting stolen, then why not get it sent to his work, to his friends house, someone? Or not bid in the first place.

So more than just fed up with this situation, I called Frazzle. He and I discussed this and he could not believe that a simple auction went down the tubes, it was ridiculous or so I think, because I am sorry I did not want to call the guy, he never gave me any intentions he wanted to pay. He only paid when we got angry about him not wanting to pay, that is the part that makes no sense. if you tell me you think the otter is going to sit in a closet for who knows how long, why bid? I do not understand this logic at all.

I sent this one. I was already tired of getting toyed with and was going to offer it to the next highest bidder. I mean it is easy enough you do it via ebay with one click and I was going to after I sent this email. I even told frazzle to send him and FA note and inform him that if payment wasn't in asap the otter would be relisted. I mean that should be clear enough reason for anyone to either send payment or tell me they rather me sell it to someone else. Look I have done that before, I have sold to another bidder when the highest bidder could not pay. Sometimes life happens and no I am not as heartless as some may think, I do understand some situations.

"I am sorry but this is utterly ridiculous. I am going to offer this to another bidder because I cannot comprehend why it is so hard for you to simply pay via paypal like most people do. I had the option for check or money order for the ones that do not like paypal, but most people rather use paypal. I have never ever had this much trouble with anyone paying for a costume before. If you just read my info you could of easily gotten the info on how to contact us. My address, my phone my everything is posted on the site www.mixedcandy.com but it is also posted on ebay and paypal, my info is everywhere.

I am seriously done with this because I do not think you ever wanted to pay for it. If you did you would of sent the payment plain and simple. How can I scam someone when my feedback is perfect and and you are protected by paypal? Ebay even gives you address where I live I mean everything is there. I need to talk to the maker now, but he said if the payment was not in I would need to offer it to another bidder because he needed the payment no later than today.

I just called Frazzle/Matt and he is more than just annoyed about the whole situation specially when he had talked to you about me selling the costumes that he had created.

I am sorry but 2nd chance offers are being sent out because waiting another week or so for a payment that may never get here is just not acceptable.


Then I called Frazzle and I told him I sent him the email and I was going to send second chance offers to see who was interested. But later that day or it might of been the next day I check my email and I see paypal had sent me an email. The payment for : Jun. 9, 2009 Payment From Rex Chamberlain $2,832.00 USD -$82.43 USD $2,749.57 USD

with this note attached on the bottom of the paypal payment:

"Where on the listing does it state when payment is to be made? I did not violate payment time. You said you wanted to avoid paypal fees, but at no time was a current mailing address supplied. I did not go to your website as I am at work and there may be questionable material on that site and even if there is an address on there, there is no guarantee to me that it is a current one. The auction could have been completed Monday had I the proper information. I tried to work this out, you didn't."

So he did not want to go to my site because it might be questionable? Ok fair enough, he didn't believe my address was the current one. Oh my gawd, please I run a business everything needs to be updated always. Plus it would of given him a heads up to compare if the address on ebay and the address on paypal and my website did not match. Which I can assure you they all match the one on my website.

So finally after a lot of hassle and 6 days later of playing email tag and getting pushy I got paid and sent the payment to Matt/Frazzle. Everything seemed to be just fine. So we discussed shipping this item to his house and we did this via FA note . I did this via FA note because his email stopped working, so it left me with no way to contact. I have called his # multiple times (I called when his emails started to bounce) and he never answers or calls me back or leaves a message. See that is where I start to worry.

Before I jump into FA notes let me tell you there were 2 otters that were for sale and he ended up buying both (these otters were both sold at totally different times in the month of June). If my lack of information or how he puts it, not calling him or meeting him up became a problem why not stop bidding after you got the first one? He went ahead and did a last minute bid on the angry otter and won. Not happy about that we had to deal with him again so here we go again.

For some reason every time I emailed him (after he sent the first payment) it was not working. I had to email him to thank him or note him that I got his money.

"Thanks for otter payment
Sent By: latinvixen On: June 9th, 2009 09:22

I am using FA as it seems that every time I try to send an email it does not work, it bounces.

Payment is in so otter will be sent out tomorrow. I will be sending it via UPS.

I want to confirm your full mailing address to double check it matches your paypal.

Valentina "

I had his address but wanted to double check. I mean we were already playing the game that we were both not providing enough info, and I was getting a weird vibe from this guy I wanted to make sure.

He emails me with this:

"Thank You for asking for the address confirmation. Normally for small items through the post office it is a good address, but for parcel companies, it is bad due to them always leaving the package and theiving neighbors stealing the items before I get home at a loss of a couple hundred a year. If you want to send it now, place something like:

(his address)

Despite having "DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES AT DOOR" in my address listed on ebay in the past, they would still leave them and they would get stolen.

Either put the address above with the top two lines in very large print so that there is no way for them to misunderstand the directions, or I can wait until you meet up with a person that I can pick it up from that transfer person at a latter time. If you want to wait until that Megaplex thing in town and give it to me (or someone available to pick it up like the front desk), then I would prefer the shipping fee be waived since the shipping would not be standard. As I said before, there is a good chance that it will remain in the box for quite some time before I would be able to do something with it (that is why I asked if there was someone who might need it more than I would). I can wait, not a big deal.

-Rex "

He keeps mentioning if someone wants it more than him it is ok, already wanting to back out when he had already made the transfer of money the day before. Take in mind, it was not my decision to say lets take the money back and give th otter to someone else, all we wanted was to sell the otter. And we did, he was wanting to back out already. This was all said before he even bid on the second otter.

So he bid on the second otter, the angry one and finally sent the money on: Jun. 15, 2009 Payment From Rex Chamberlain $1,904.00 USD -$55.52 USD $1,848.48 USD via paypal.

This time we did not need to play email tag back and forth, he paid 5 days after the auction had ended. I was already guessing I was going to need to wait a few days for this guy so I was semi patient but already a bit worried. Then I get this note via FA which means he wants to back out. Do understand both payments had been sent, we had agreed to meet at megaplex as I had waived the shipping fee and everything was going to be just fine.

"RE: Thanks for otter payment
Sent By: latinvixen On: June 10th, 2009 10:51

If you really feel you would rather have it for Megaplex I can do that as I will be going. I can always leave it with the front desk and your name on it so you can pick it up at the convention if you are that worried about things getting stolen. But either way your choice on that one. I can refund you the shipping as I will do so paypal if you want to go that route.


He was refunded shipping :).

Seems like he wanted to back out anyways so he started using notes he and frazzle were doing back and forth with each other. The note that frazzle sent was a note he sent to him to get him to move on the payment, to actually pay. Because me emailing him was not working frazzle found his FA and decided to note him instead to get a more instant response as he saw him replying to stuff.

"RE: Thanks for otter payment
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 22nd, 2009 01:18

I was told you had someone lined up to pay for either costume in the event that I had not sent payment. If they are still interested in either or both let me know as it appears that Frazzles, (I don't know his a real name), stated the following:

[Quote] Dude its over Its past lunch and no payment I am tired of wasting my time with you
Sent By: frazzles626 On: June 9th, 2009 04:23

Sorry man,

You said around lunch I would see a payment or for the past 6+ days previous,. I am tired of you bitching at Val and treating her like she is nothing! She runs a business and has done so for the past 8 years! I would trust her with my life if it came to that. Either way from what I have seen in the emails you have sent her, I personally do not feel like selling you the otter suit nor do I feel like taking my time and skills in creating a suit for someone like yourself. Do not waste my time and ask about commissioning me in the future as for I will just ignore you.

Sorry you had your chance I am moving along to the next buyer.

Thanks for the inconvenience
Frazzy [Quote]

As you can see, there is concern as to where the items end up. I feel that for all those involved in this issue, it is best that you offer these items to the next buyer as the builder had suggested. I would feel very uncomfortable to use an item of a personal nature with so much negativity attached to it. For him to state the above proves that he has a preference that the items go to someone else other than myself. This situation makes me sad and upset, it ruins the experience of 'having fun as a character' and do not feel that this can be repaired after the events that have transpired.

Let me know how you would like to deal with this situation."

So he pretty much blames being sad and upset about the situation days later because he pretty much had buyers remorse, so I noted him back.

"RE: Thanks for otter payment
Sent By: latinvixen On: June 22nd, 2009 02:05

Nope they are all yours. I will deliver both at Megaplex.


That was the end of the notes. I figured he was Ok with the last note (he never noted back so why would I think it wasn't ok). The payments were in for both otters, everything was fine and I was going to deliver at Megaplex (money had been sent to frazzle so my paypal account was empty again). I was going to pack them up in boxes and drive them to the convention as I was going to spend Friday there with some friends. But here everything takes a turn for the worse.

On the 15th of July 2009 Rex decided not to note me back, call me, email me or give me any sort of warning and I got this message via paypal.

"# PayPal balance: -$4,598.05 USD
# Resolve your negative balance"

With a big fat resolution center on the side saying "Open disputes & claims (2).

Rex decided that on July, almost a month later after we last chatted that he no longer felt it was necessary to wait for the otters to arrive at Megaplex. That he would just lie to ebay and paypal and file a claim of items never received. Of course they were never received he said deliver at Megaplex would be ok. But I did not discuss that with paypal because I did not think he was going to do this.

I called paypal to see how to fix this situation as that is a lot of money and money that is not even mine. I sent all that money every single cent to frazzle as I was just selling the costumes not gaining money or anything from them. I was caught in the middle of this because I was trying to do a favor for a friend. Paypal said that I needed to ship the boxes to his house. Once the boxes had been shipped and delivered the charges would be dropped. I said ok, that sounds really easy, I ran to UPS insured the boxes, checked the address via ebay, paypal and note and sent off the boxes. UPS lets you track everything so not a problem. Or so I thought not a problem. I called paypal when I got back from UPS and gave them the tracking #'s, they said they would know the exact minute he would sign for them. I waited as they were to arrive on Friday. UPS attempted to deliver to his place on Friday and no one answered. Because the boxes cannot be left there and need to be signed for they were returned to UPS in Orlando. So I called and they told me they would attempt to deliver 3 times before returning it to the original address which would be my own.

But this is the problem. I made a very angsty post on FA the other night because, this whole situation has been a pain, scary and just downright unnecessary. I was rude in my post very rude but take in mind, who is going to be smiling and having a blast about loosing over 4K in money. And if UPS doesn't return the otters, then costumes too. I am not made of money I am sorry it isn't something I can laugh off. So he decided to make this post on his FA.

"I told them last month that the deal was void since the seller said that he did not want me to have the suits and that he wanted to see to someone else. They were given plenty of time to resell them before AC, but appears they chose not to. Now after the hassle that was created over this issue has come to the point of threats, there is no way that I will complete any transaction with those involved. Here is a note I got from Frazzles about the suits:

Dude its over Its past lunch and no payment I am tired of wasting my time with you
Sent By: frazzles626 On: June 9th, 2009 04:23

Sorry man,

You said around lunch I would see a payment or for the past 6+ days previous,. I am tired of you bitching at Val and treating her like she is nothing! She runs a business and has done so for the past 8 years! I would trust her with my life if it came to that. Either way from what I have seen in the emails you have sent her, I personally do not feel like selling you the otter suit nor do I feel like taking my time and skills in creating a suit for someone like yourself. Do not waste my time and ask about commissioning me in the future as for I will just ignore you.

Sorry you had your chance I am moving along to the next buyer.

Thanks for the inconvenience

I have the other notes that clearly show that I was trying to complete this transaction, but was getting nowhere."

So wait, what? He for some reason did not tell me, as far as I know he never sent frazzle any sort of messages when we both discussed delivery at Megaplex. So I am not sure where this guy thinks everything was Ok to retract the money and do this. I am seriously confused that this guy just picks dates and times to do as he pleases. He says in this note "there is no way that I will complete any transaction with those involved."

Meaning I need to call UPS today and re-route the otters back to my house and stop attempting delivery. I need to get frazzle to refund me all the money I sent to him so I can pay this guy back. Once that is done I need to resale the otters and get the money that was lost from this whole month or so ordeal .

This has been posted not for anyone to attack the guy. He is a person that should not be dealt with money wise. It seems that he gets buyers remorse and pulls out whenever he wants to. As an artist and costume maker that deals with a lot of customers this by far has been the worse experience. I do not want to see this guy doing this to anyone ever again. Businesses beware you will probably get the same treatment as frazzle and I did.

I want this to be over and the otters to find new homes. So please be very careful with the bidder named Rex and his ebay name foxtrot3.

I am sorry if this was lengthy, but it is the best way I can show what actually happened. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

EDIT: THESE WERE ALL THE NOTES FRAZZLE GOT FROM THIS GUY VIA FA, PLEASE READ AS WELL If you read these you can clearly tell if was more of a case of buyers remorse and he had no clue how to get out of it, so decided to get me in trouble instead. Oh my gawd.


Alrighty Here are all the quotes, notes etc. that I had between myself and Rex.


Please Help!! :( Massive Otter Trouble :(
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 09:18

Hi, are the otter suits you are selling yours or are they someone else's? Meaning, is the money going to you or to someone else and are they currently in your possession or are they somewhere else?

I really need to know since I am having trouble with the first otter payment and if it is going to you...I'd rather pay you directly at this point since this has really stressed me out at this point :(

Please Help!! :(



RE: Please Help!! :( Massive Otter Trouble :(
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 09:36

Heya Rex,

Hope this help. If you are the highest bidder please go through her and we need the money ASAP We are selling the otters geared for Anthrocon.


If you bank at 'Bank of America" I can transfer funds and there will be no fees. Let me know since I'd rather be paying you directly.



RE: Please Help!! :( Massive Otter Trouble :(
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 10:05

No I don't bank at Bank of America I 'm a Huntington person myself.
If your able to pay via paypal whats the difference if you pay her or me?

I was trying to use something other than paypay due to fees. You're a good kid, you need the money more than paypal.

cert check, check on local bank (she can cash same day), money order (kind of a pain due to transfer of cash to money order location), or paypal with fees?

Rather keep from fees if possible :(


RE: Oh, and Commissions?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 10:08

Usually I quote 1,900 and above but right now I am closed on commissions my full time job is consuming most of my time so been just working on sculptures etc..

Oh crap! I paid too much

So the good otter would have cost $1900 if I commissioned it? Do you still have the same fur there to build a head at a latter time? I'm not much into otters, but it could make for a nice kangaroo costume?

Let me know ok :)



RE: Please Help!! :( Massive Otter Trouble :(
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 10:12

But if your able to transfer via paypal. I don't mind at all if you pay via paypal to Val. Like I said she has a business paypal account in which the fees are very low to none pretty much. and money payment need to go through her so everything stay on record. Via a business standpoint.

She is kinda mean to me so I wish I could have dealt with you directly :(

I'll send paypal, per your request, but if she has the money, how will you get it?


RE: Oh, and Commissions?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 10:15

I would not make a exact copy of the otter. but yes I do have enough material if you wanted to have a interchangeable head for the same body

Yeah, that was what I meant, an extra head, not full body.

As far as total commission cost, just wondering how much it would have cost to commission it rather than get it off ebay?

Would it have originally cost someone $1900 for something like thatsimilar type?


RE: Oh, and Commissions?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 10:40

But yea sometime in the future. I could make a Kangaroo head that would go with the otter body. I will make sure I keep the material labeled so I know it will match the body if that time does arrive

Cool, thanks. I could make one, but i'm not in any position to do anything right now. As it is, the otter will probably be boxed for quite a while until I can get some other stuff done.

Also, do you draw commission pictures as well?

Thank You for your time,



RE: Oh, and Commissions?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 11:19


Try to get the payment out today as Val is waiting on it!

As for drawing nah, I suck at drawing but I do other things, Suits Sculptures and other types of media.. I try to practice drawing but I suck compared to alot of other artist.

I'll have to do it at lunch. This would have been a LOT easier had I been dealing with you in the first place. I had asked her to sort this out on the phone since my access to a computer is not guarenteed and email tag is upsetting...and at least you answer the email, and very quickly I might add. :)

Thank you again for making this more reasonable and actually communicating with me rather than the original situation of: GIMME MONEY! GIMME MONEY NOW!, NO, I WON'T TALK TO ANSWER QUESTIONS! MONEY NOW! Gads, that was upsetting. I communicated with you, you answered my questions very quickly and politely. I just wish I could pay you directly as all my exposure to the other party (to include even before this issue), has been less than friendly. Thank You again for being nice and working this out to a reasonable conclusion. Payment will be made in about two hours, let me know if you do not have confirmation by then.

Rex Chamberlain


RE: Payment for the otter suit must be received today!
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 11:20

As for payment for the suit!

It has to be done today! We have been patient enough and we need the payment today!

Oh crap! nevermind the last comment then :(

Sheesh! :(

All it took was a phone call


RE: Dude its over Its past lunch and no payment I am tired of wasting my time with you
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 9th, 2009 07:52

Sorry man,

You said around lunch I would see a payment or for the past 6+ days previous,. I am tired of you bitching at Val and treating her like she is nothing!

First of all, nowhere on the auction listing does it state when payment is to be made. That fact alone should make you go back and read what was written in those emails. The auction ended five days ago as of tonight, that means it hasn't even been four days yet...which shouldn't matter since no payment date was set. It wasn't until the next day after the auction that I was even notified that I was verified as the buyer by her email. So that makes four days since I was given notice of the auction. I offered to sort out the details on Monday since there was time issues related to shipping that needed to be addressed as well as I was told that she wanted to avoid the paypal fees, but no verified address was given despite asking for the information. Therefore, if the information was given yesterday, then that would have been three days from confirmation...which again means nothing since no time was given. Nowhere in my direct conversation did I use exclaimation, but both of you have used that inflection which was not appropriate. You tell me I am treating someone unfairly and accused of 'bitching' when I was only asking for the information that was requested multiple times and not supplied. It was too easy to do the right thing, but instead of just supplying the information, I get argumentive remarks. I have done transactions with many people over the years and the main trouble I have had is with "Furry Fandom Fans'. People complain about 'Rednecks', but they have not given me anywhere near this much trouble. If you still feel that I have been unfair, read over both sets of email and tell me where I was unfair.

For your information, the computers went down this afternoon and I was assigned other work until they fixed the problem. You automatically assumed it was my fault despite mentioning several times that I was trying to complete this transaction. Also I find it amusing that at the same time I am writing the note thanking you for being calm and polite, you are writing a note to me being rude and demanding payment. Again, had there been a set time designated when payment had to be made, then I can see why you might be rude and demanding, but since no time was specified (as well as mentioning several times I wanted to complete this in a reasonable matter), I don't understand why this had to be so difficult.



RE: Evil otter suit payment?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 15th, 2009 08:20


I was wondering how the payment for the Evil otter suit was coming along?

Keep me posted

Payment made, I don't access the computer on the weekends for various reasons. I tried last night, but the people I was with made it unavailable to do at that time.



RE: Evil otter suit payment?
Sent By: BrerSquirrel On: June 17th, 2009 05:29


I was wondering how the payment for the Evil otter suit was coming along?

Keep me posted

No Aloha for the second critter? :( I did pay in a reasonable amount of time and honestly, how many people in this 'Furry' group would have paid either of the payment amounts in less than a weeks time (espically in this bad economic time and that I didn't have access for part of that time)...let alone both payments being clost to 5K. There are many that owe more on their vehicles and it takes years to pay it off. I bet that most in this group have had trouble getting money for a room at a convention or a loan from a meal that they had to pay for and that is only a very tiny fraction of what I had handed over. I did not have this money planned for that expense as it was a random item, so to ordinally have that amount laying around and sent out in about a week and a half for both items, should be thought of more positive than it had originally been marked. I hope you can understand my thinking on this matter. (this is written in a neutral tone, not to be understood as an argumentive email, but I am sad in how the situation progressed)



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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
I need to see how exactly. I will start looking right now, but if you have a link I am all ears.
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - latinvixen02 - Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:50 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - latinvixen02 - Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:32 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
Is this the same Rex who goes by Rex Beowulf on livejournal? There is a LONG history of him pulling all kinds of shady fursuit shenanigans as a seller/maker, and his troll-like and immature behavior in the fursuit livejournal community is somewhat legendary. I'd post links, but of course he always ends up deleting everything.

If this is the same person he also goes by "MWolf"
Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
Rex Beowulf is a CRAAAAZY toad. If this is him, its par for the course.
(no subject) - latinvixen02 - Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:57 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - wicked_sairah - Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:00 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)
That really sucks, I hope it all works out for you. I almost bid on those suits but sadly they wouldn't fit my head. I hope you get the money out of him or get them sold for what they are worth.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh, that's terrible. 0_o He sounds horribly creepy to me; I would never talk to a customer over the phone or meet them unless I knew them before then, and having someone push the issue would make me really uncomfortable. Brrr!
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
The thing about the phone is I have no records at all. It is easier for me to have email records compared to a phone conversation. The whole situation was odd from the start. Plus I just posted the notes him and frazzle had back and forth on FA, I had no clue the guy distrusted me that much. Plus said it multiple times in the notes he wanted to pay frazzle instead of me. So trying to do stuff out of auction, which is against ebay policy.
(no subject) - darkone238 - Jul. 23rd, 2009 04:33 am (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
I had to pay him back, so I put it on the credit card. Frazzle sent me the money to recoup that for the time being and should be in by the 23rd. Once that is in, I should be fine :). Both otters should be sold soon enough, the happy otter costume already has a buyer and waiting on the angry otter buyer. Once those are sold I can pay frazzle back.

But it is already looking to be a bit more positive.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
he just made a new entery on his fa account commenting about this post he is trying to make look like he wasn't the one at fault http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/844830/
Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)
Oh well, if he wanted to contact someone about the money it should of been me (not sure why he is saying it is frazzles fault now). It was my auction and my money at stake.

I now think he is making stuff up but whatever I sent the money back and that is all I can do on my end.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:42 am (UTC)
What the heck? You run a professional business, I can understand if you were someone that no one had ever herd from or delt with. But a good deal of the famdom either knows you, knows of you, or owns a suit by you (or will) so I don't understand why he would be so weird. I can only think that like you said, buyers remorse and he was just trying to walk his way out of it.

I'm so sorry for you both for what you've had to go though.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:20 am (UTC)
Just glad I got the costumes back, money was returned and now they are getting new homes. So almost done, which is a plus :).
(no subject) - dripbat - Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:26 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - latinvixen02 - Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:31 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:11 am (UTC)
Oh man, right from the "I want to pick it up in-person" I knew there'd be a Paypal charge-back involved. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this.

What is his ebay username so I can block him and warn others?

Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Wasn't sure if it was relevant or not as it seemed a bit lengthy and not really related at all. Sorry about that.
(no subject) - latinvixen02 - Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:38 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)
Man, this guy does not seem to have his head on straight. (His real head, not a furry costume head. ;) If he was so anxious to have the otters, he would have paid you through the payment information that was available for the entire auction. And if he thinks you're such a "bad dealer," why did he bid in the first place? Going by what I've seen, he's very obviously at fault and is trying to weasel out of this.

Edited at 2009-07-22 04:55 am (UTC)
Jul. 22nd, 2009 04:59 am (UTC)
He even bid on the 2nd otter and won, when he already had "issues" with me. That is the part I do not understand.

Sorry for the amount of reading, but I had to add it all. I rather show it all so people can ready every last bit :).
Jul. 22nd, 2009 08:45 am (UTC)
It seems to me as though this whole ordeal was a ploy to talk to you/have contact with you. :( The whole... obsession with wanting to talk to you over the phone is rather unnerving. Outside of that, I don't understand why he had to make this so hard for himself.

He makes excuses in that very last email (to Frazzy) about how other people have car payments and they pay those over time, but an eBay auction is completely different. I think it's an unspoken rule that with ALL purchases, you pay as soon as you can. Even with a car or house payment, you wouldn't dare be late with that money.

I'm sorry you had to go through this, but at least the otters will be re-homed and hopefully be well cared for! I just hope that all the financial things work out well on your end.
Jul. 22nd, 2009 09:30 am (UTC)
I just... don't know what to say. To try and gulit trip you when you legitimately have concerns about your home phone being out in the open and insisting meeting in person? Plus hardly your fault things get stolen, they shoulda learnt their lesson by now surely if it keeps happening to redirect it somewhere safer?

I don't think they delibrately set out to mess with you, more the second they weren't getting things EXACTLY the way they wanted (And clearly unless words are as large as the screen it's self it's impossible to find) they started to spin in circles and becoming argumentive and everyone else being at fault. Plus the PayPal dispute, ugh. Can't some people grasp that you have to CLEARLY state your intentions be it, sorry I'm afraid I have to withdraw due to sudden bills and I apologise for the short notice or that they're unhappy and like to change their mind? Rather than flail endlessly I mean

At least it's going well with other buyers and if nothing else, some good has come from this that people know to avoid the heck out of him :)
Jul. 22nd, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
am i realy the only one who feels the way i do? O.o
i read the whole thing, half expecting for there to be some kind of twist, and what i get is the opposite, presuming all the evidence in the main entry is correct

first, this is how i understand internet auctions; auctions on ebay at least tend to go on for about ten days. because anything can happen within those ten days, i guess, genual netiquette is that you should pay within seven days of winning the auction. if you can't pay immediately, communication is a good idea, but not essential until the seven days are up. If you bid on something and win, you should never try to get out of it, because that’s a waist of everyone’s time, and probably also money to put up the auction in the first place, however, if you really can no longer afford the item, then you should explain this and explain why within the seven days. If you do not pay within seven days, the seller has absolute rights to be grumpy, leave negative feedback, complain to ebay, or be nice and try to communicate with the buyer

This is different if the listing states a time limit, but the listing has to clearly state a time limit on the actual auction page as to what your rules are in the way of payment, and then it becomes part of the contract. Other sites have their own system, e.g, you have to go to the sellers profile to find out about their posting policies before bidding or buying

this rules differs for buy it now purchases, which you should pay for within 24 hours and preferably at the same time that you buy the item. Furthermore, ebay, a while back, decided that they would no longer deal with any kind of fetish or sexual items, and decided to class anything furry into this category, and the same with paypal. This was the case a while back. Its why furbid stopped having a direct link to paypal, and why if you do a search for “furry” or “furry artwork” or anything on ebay, your liable to not get very much. Now you can get around this by selling it as a mascot contume or something. But still, having your own rules, whilst as a bit of a hippy I have no problem wit that whatsoever, doesn’t constitute common sense. You can’t assume people know what you want, you have to explain sometimes

the other thing is when he said about having problems wit the group. The first time I read this, Early on in the post, I assumed that he meant furries, as a people. You decided it meant your company, and much later on in the post he actually makes it clear to what he means. While I do find this a little assuming myself, I have to admit I can at least imagine what he’s talking about. Lets face the music, doesn’t this here community tend to deal almost exclusively with furry artwork and paraphernalia

now onto the issue itself, it seems to me that whilst rex maybe wasn’t 100% perfect, he was being more then reasonable, whilst val was acting as someone who is for some reason very anxious, to the point where the anxiety takes over the persons rationality

to my understanding from the too’s and from’s, this is what happens; rex is a squirrel, by the looks of things, who has had problems with buying things such as fursuits and furry artwork, and also with neighbours stealing his parcels that the post people insist on leaving outside is door

however, he decides to take a chance on this rather expensive fursuit. The auction, which doesn’t state a time limit for paying after the auction has ended, does mention something about wanting to waiver the paypal charges if at all possible. It might not have done, but it would put everything else out of context if it didn’t, so maybe that’s how rex read it
Jul. 22nd, 2009 01:50 pm (UTC)
am i realy the only one who feels the way i do? O.o fit the second
$3,000 odd is allot of money worry about, for both parties, even if it is to be a simple transaction. Really, a transaction of that magnitude is never going to be “simple” to the average person, but rex has the money to back up his purchase

However, he decides, rather then pay by paypal, he will try and arrange to have it delivered through mutual friends, too meet up or to make some arrangements, which will take care not only of his perfectly rational fear of the expensive parcel being nicked, but also will bypass the paypal fee’s and some of the shipping cost. But he wants to phone val to make the necessary arrangements, as they are both busy people and don’t know each other from adam, but apparently do go to the same conventions sometimes

He doesn’t even ask, necessarily, to meet up, but the parcel could be left at the reception at one of these cons

But val doesn’t understand, gets a little anxious that maybe rex is one of these creepy guys and decides to ignore him. Rex, in turn, is now a little anxious that he will not see anything for his vast $3,000 amount, but realises that getting all stressed out isn’t going to help anyone, and just continues trying to resolve the issue

He asks again to speak to val over the phone, doesn’t get anywhere and eventually decides to pay by paypal and be done with it. I don’t understand either why he buys the grumpy otter either, but it sounds like sounds like he has plans for them and also that he realises that these sorts of drama’s which is both what the furry scene is famous for and why trolls tend love us so well, is usually just because of some kind of communication problems, and as he points out, he just wants to make sure val gets her money, and that he gets his suits, nothing more nor less

He does mention that the suits will probably not be used right away. This I think means, and he does clarify again too fraz, that he doesn’t need the suit straight away, and in fact intends to make some modifications first anyway. So picking the suit up from a con shouldn’t be a problem

Now val is really anxious for some reason and decides to confide in the her friend and maker of the suits, who deals with the issue in a far more professional and calm manor, which rex clearly appreciates. This is probably his only real mistake, his last post about how eh found val’s and his communication to be. Fraz becomes angry and defensive for her friend, another mistake from a professional prospective, and after rex fails to pay for the second suit, for he’s already payed for the first, exactly when he said he would due to a computer failure, frez says in no uncertain terms that he has lost the suit and that she is going to resell to someone else

Fully understandably, he demands his money back from paypal. Val knows nothing of this and is stung, something for which I personally blame all involved. Really, rex should return val’s money and they should all pay the unnecessarily accumulated paypal charges between them, or else the sellers should

Unless I am missing something, this is at best just standard, run of the mill furry drama, and at worst something that rex should be complaining about, but to be honest I don’t believe the latter and I doubt he does either

That’s what I think anyway
Jul. 23rd, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Its a huge mess wow I hope this finds a good ending. Again the name of Rex is tainted by shennanigans *facepaws*
Jul. 23rd, 2009 06:27 am (UTC)
Good ending has at least come partially my way. Otters well at least one has found a home :), other is pending.
Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:08 am (UTC)
"# PayPal balance: -$4,598.05 USD
# Resolve your negative balance"

That must've been very frightening to see. :O

Gosh, this is the most miserable person ever. :/
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