TStewart (wesfox) wrote in artists_beware,

Anyone know what's up with Hobojobo?

Edit: refund received

In December I commissioned a number of sketches from Hobojobo over on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hobojobo and everything seemed straightforward and cool. Well they vanished from FA and haven't been active for around four months now, and I haven't been able to contact them directly to find out what's up with the commissions. Secondly, at the time they didn't have a Paypal account, and so they had me pay them via their roommate's paypal account (tooiebird over on FA). I've been able to get in touch with tooiebird who I actually paid, and through them supposedly the sketches are finished, but nothing more heard for a month now, and never anything directly from the actual artist.

Anyone know Hobojobo directly and/or have any clue if they're still around, otherwise occupied by life, or has any problem with commissions? I'd be happy with either a refund or the artwork at this point, doesn't much matter to me (though seven months in, Paypal isn't going to be helpful on the matter).
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